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43 solo cups of green on a couple of shelves, sea of green


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I was taking my leaves because I didn't want them blocking light but I realized they make a lot of food for the guys to grow. So now I've got a few with leaves like this or more. It's skunk #1 and grows leaves like CRAZY.

They're really happy too. I've got lots of stuff mixed in my soil. I water them with compost tea and the evil miracle gro but they really like it.

I used to have an hps and a ceramic metal hallide (which is an awesome light). Both 400W. But I live in a "green space" now and I'm not supposed to use that much electricity. If I could just bring them outside... We get killer sun where I live.

I grew them like this because I only had 3 or 4 clones and I needed to get to harvest as quickly as possible. So I grew a couple of mothers and took clones from other plants too. In no time I had all these. And I can't grow big plants anyways because I'm using cfls. If I used a lot I could but that would violate the "green space".

It's taking too long! I've never been able to let a plant fully mature yet! But my roommates share a large portion of the responsibility for that.

I have 3 kinds: skunk #1 from spliff seeds cuz it was uber cheap (it's a beautiful plant but I would have liked something more high powered, but it is pretty nice)
I have some small tight bud making indica bag seed that loves to grow hermies but it's sweet and spicy and grows fast with tons of crystals. It grows roots and gets to flower really fast but it grows it's stems too fast so I can't pinch too many bud sites before I put it to flower... unless I take clones from it.
Then I have another bag seed that grows crazy tall like a sativa but has indica looking leaves. I only have 3 seedlings that haven't sexed yet. They grow so fast that I pinch them a lot. I've got them up to 16 tops and I don't even know the sex. And they drink water like crazy. I'll post a picture of that too.

The picture below is a skunk. They're stems grow quite slow. My next thing might be some aero phonics but right now I can't even afford jiffy pellets for my clones. :-/



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This is a picture of my sweet, spicy, fast growing, hermie making, potent indica. It's bag seed. I named it Rosario because Rosario takes care of me. It's pretty easy to pull off his pollen sacs because they're seldom anywhere near the buds.


This is my tall growing bag seed that I've pinched to get 16 tops at this point, but you can't see them because I just pinched and you can't even really see them yet. But I know they are there. I'm waiting for it to preflower but it grows so fast.



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This is really only like my 3rd grow and first time doing it this way, so I don't have any kind of yield goal.

I'm going to post some of my pretty flowering ones next. I'm about to wake them up.


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This is a skunk about a month into flowering. I trimmed it's leaves really aggressively throughout. Now I try not to. Eventually the whole stem should be one fat, piney lemony smelling bud. They grow so fat that sometimes they get mold really badly, I don't know if watering them less would help.


This is the one I named Rosario. There's lots of tis because I was using him as a mother. All these plants let me take pretty tiny clones. He only forms buds at the tops really.



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Moving my flowering ones out and putting them in the light.


My vegging ones.


Some pretty nifty organic fertilizer with microbes and fungi and lots of nutrients. My guys still really get a kick out of mg though. :b One time a made a soil with 1/4 manure and half perlite. That stuff didn't drain at all and I had to water it by submersing it, but I didn't really need to water it anyways, it held water FOREVER. The plants grew really well in it too. Roots didn't drown or anything, but I always worried they would. The only thing that fixed it was adding peat, which I don't like because it's destroying the peat marshes.
I'm a huge fan of manure though.

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I like doing it this way because it feels more personal. When I grow a bunch of bigs ones I feel like some sort of weed kingpin or something... Of course, if I do wish I had a bigger space where I could use my hid lights. Kingpin or not.


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As a matter of fact I am under a lot of pressure to move these out and the idea of letting these precious babies die is very disagreeable. So I'm trying to find a friend that wants them. So far no takers.


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All pictures go into the gallery, and from there you can add them to your post, so you did everything correctly.

A lot of growers swear by compost tea, and if it's working for you, don't stop doing it.

In this green space, is there a limit to how much power you can use?
You might want to consider LEDs in the future, I just switched to an LED which uses half the power that my CFLs used to use.

Flowering can take 40-80 days usually, be patient and it'll be worth it. Don't pick the plants apart and smoke it before it's properly matured, dried, and cured. The experience will be a lot better.

I'm curious to see what your yield will be with this growing style.

Watering less can help reduce mold, and improving air circulation inside can work wonders for preventing mold.

Something to consider, is that you might have just as good of a yield growing 1 plant per shelf and training it to grow flat, instead of growing so many small ones.


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Thanks antics.
These skunk plants grow big thick buds that hold water deep down in the middle. I've really only had one or two instances of mold but it destroyed the bud from the inside. Also I can't cure it in jars because it's very humid here. It really has to dry a long time and even then it can get mold. I know from experience.

And some of these guys I put to flower really early. And their stems are too close together. That's why I was worried about mold.

I see what you're saying about a bigger plant. But training with cfls requires a good bit of attention and sometimes working in these guys gets tedious. And other times it's wonderful. It always helps if I have a friend a long. Keeps it enjoyable. Also I really think I will get more flowers this way... I can put them to flower faster also, I think.

I do miss my hid lights though and my closet... There is none here.

I want to see these guys mature too! But I am under some pressure. I'm going to have to hide them for a day or two... :-/

It's tough to get a nice peaceful grow place sometimes. I do love these guys and they are beautiful. I get truly happy just looking at them... But it's so easy to get stressful pressures about these guys. They are my babies though.


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Although... I could grow one massive plant with scrog on these shelves pretty easily. Or two regular, probly. That would be cool.
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