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48 days flower - how long for the cut?

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Hi Folks
I'm on day 48 of flower. I ordered a 40x lens about 2 weeks ago on Ebay but didn't get it and I'm in a dispute resolution with the seller... not too sure when I'll get it -- paid for it and I'll either get my $ back before buying another or I'll get it sent in a few days.

So far I have no way to see the thric if they amber or what... How long do you think I am away from the cut?

Northern light/Sensiseeds - it's said to be ready in 55 days... How long to go?


White Widow/Sensiseeds - also this one should be 55 days



Kosher Kush -- this is given for 9 weeks/about 60 days


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I've cut Kosher Kush and Northern Light after 9.5 weeks...

99 grams + 2 gram of a small sample I took a couple of weeks ago for the NL and 101 for the WW... total 202 gr wet (7.1 ounce)... I expect at least 50 gr dry for the 2 plants (1.76 ounce). I hoped to get to 1 oz per plant but I am not too sure I'll be able to get there... let's see after drying...

Kosher kush will be harvested in a couple of days after 24 hrs of darkness...


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man... I've tested it a couple of weeks ago and yesterday I tried the charas (the sticky gum that is left on the clippers)...
I'll NEVER buy shit on the street anymore... Never say never, but I haven't been buying junk grass on the street for almost a year. I haven't been smoking for months after a dealer gave me grass with some shit on it that started an allergic reaction in my lungs that lasted for months... and I am not a teenager either.... I've been smoking grass for years, been to Amsterdam several times, have good grass connections and I do recognise how a good grass looks like... after this episode, I told myself that is not worth it ruin your health to make some asshole rich... It's either mine grass or nothing....

Man... home made grass sits in a completely different league: you know what's inside, you know what it is and there is no comparison... Now I am even more convinced about the non sense of prohibitionism... Grass needs to be legalised and regulated. We need scientific recommendations on the maximum healthy intake amounts and legalize it... I am not for an unregulated usage of this fantastic natural medicine, like many people do today unfortunately -- MJ is abused by too many people in my opinion -- because I think there are maximum healthy amounts, but I am convinced that a moderate use (about 1-1.5 grams per week in my case) brings a lot of health benefits, especially if it is used consciously to expand your awareness, bring peace in your life and help you be more reflective...



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Man i wrote a long responce and my phone died and i lost it lol so what i was saying is i agree wit you cannabis needs to be regulated and used with maturity ive always used the herb for my medicinal purposes i enjoy a good buzz but im mainly seeking comfort in my every day tasks i did wanted to recomend you check out doc buds forum search his name or high brix latley i have been trying his bud washing technique search doc bud bud washing google hes on a few websites but i have also done the 24 hour darkness before harvest but i also give the girls a ice cold water flush in that dark time helps trigger the trichome defense and gives another layer so they say of frost to protect the buds from the cold


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Hey organics, 1.5g a week? I remember I would smoke about a half oz a week of grass. I wish I could smoke like you and save all my money!!

But in my defense, if I don't smoke I start having panic attacks. I seriously think myself to death lol. And I have insomnia, which the last 2 times I managed to sleep and didn't smoke I had horrific night terrors. I vowed never again.

Anyways, it's amazing what a plant from Mother Earth can do.

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Flyinhigh my "philosophy" is to be in control of the plant and not let the plant control you... if people use it for other reasons, like chronicle pains, etc then it's a different story... i'm using it mostly for relaxing but trying not to use it because i have to use it, otherwise i think i wouldn't appreciate it as much... any sort of addiction is not healthy for you, and i've been close to a couple and got very happy not to have gone one or two steps further... maybe your case is different, I don't know and i'm not judging, just writing my humble feeling...

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I'd never trust what a seed bank or what a buddy says about time to pull. Use a 30x lighted micro and you will know. Rough guess is start looking at 50 day mark and keep looking till there milky white and look like the cap wants to exploed here's a up close pic of harvested chocolate fondue it tested at 26.6 it was pulled at 59 days notice it could have gone a day longer or two. Harvesting has so many variables like humidity temp lumen intensity genetics tons of variables. Need a scope and keep checking.

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Dutty so u'r not harvesting at amber trichomes on top flowers? That picture doesn't have much amber, maybe 5%....

BY THE WAY... my final dry harvest from the pix above was 26 gr per plant (about 1 oz) on 2 plants and 18 gr on the other one (Kosher Kush)... I knew Kosher was a lower yielder but it is the BEST grass I have in my private dispensary so far

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Depends on strain that pic was taken by analytical 360 when they tested the product. I usually do have some amber but I look for swollen milky white trichomes maybe 30-40% are amber. Wish I could take close up pics.
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