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4X AK-48, 3 Watt LED-Mag Induction Supplemental


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Day 1

Description: Feminized AK-48, Fabric Pots bottom lined with 1/2 inch clay pellets, Medium: 1 part coarse vermiculite, 4 parts perlite, 3 parts Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, 3 parts Lady Bug garden soil

Sprouting method: soaked seeds overnight in solution of 1/2 cup distilled water, 10 ml hydrogen peroxide, 3-4 drops Superthrive. transferred to paper towel soaked/wringed of same solution and placed on faintly warm shelf-all cracked with tap root within 18 hrs. Planted directly into containers-no transplanting later, covered loosely with plastic wrap - all broke surface of soil within 48 hrs.

Off to a new grow, having learned a lesson or two from my last one, same mistakes will not be made twice :) I'll be growing 4 Femmed AK-48 in scrog style
Off to a fast start, just broke the soil 12 hours ago

Running 2 180 LED & 1 50 watt Magnetic induction, Height 34"


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Day 26 Veg

I've been busy for the past few weeks so haven't had time to update properly, sorry. The girls are coming along well, the strongest has grown to 6 nodes, fimmed the top so have limited her to 5 nodes-I'll do the same with the rest. 2 of them are currently 4 nodes in another day or two they should be ready for fimming they smallest is only at 3 nodes and probably this weekend will be ready.

Journal Entry: 7/17/11 Sprayer watered until now. distilled ph'd 6.5, 1/2 tsp gal Grow Big, 2 Tblsp Big Bloom/Gal, 2 Tblspoon Gal H2O2, 2 drops/gal Superthrive

Journal Entry: 7/23/11 Distilled ph'd 6.5, bubbled, 2 Tblsp H2O2, several drops SuperThrive

Journal Entry: 7/25/11 Distilled + 1 qt Tap ph'd 6.5 bubbled, 1 Tbsp/Gal Big Bloom, 1.5 tsp ga/ Grow Big, 1 Tblsp/Gal H2O2

Journal Entry: 7/30/11 Distilled ph'd 6.5 bubbled, run off 7.3-7.4

Journal Entry: Pruned bottom nodes from all, fimmed 1 at 6th node coming in


pruned bottom node from all...


Very healthy, root tips are poking through all the fabric pots


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looking good, i also use led/induction combo, been doin it for quite a while, works great, just hauled 78 gms of my jack 33, waiting for my pineapple express auto to finish..lookin at another 30 gms off that


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Day 34 Veg

Thanks Boom! I've noticed the girls are partial to the light coming from the induction light in the center-they've been turning their fan leaves toward it. I"ve just got 2 180's in play at the moment with the induction-I'll add the 3rd a week or so into flower, light height is 18"-20" 18/6 lt/dk Today I fed the girls their first dose of Open sesame, since I like to switch to 12/12 between weeks 6 & 7 veg, bloom is just another week & perhaps a few days away. But, I'm keeping the option of taking it out to a full 8 weeks on the table for now.

Journal Entry 8/3/11 RO Water Ph'd 6.5, bubbled overnight, 2 tsp/gal Grow Big, 2 Tblsp/Gal Big Bloom, 2 Tblsp Gal H2O2, 1 Tblsp/Gal Molasses, fimmed 2 next largest

Journal Entry 8/7/11 Distilled watter bubbled for several hours, 2 Tblsp/Gal H2O2, fimmed smallest

Journal Entry 8/9/11 Supercropped 2 largest, RO Water bubbled 2 hrs, 2 Tblsp Gal H2O2, 2 tsp/Gal Grow Big, 1/4 tsp/gal Open Sesame, 4 drops Superthrive

Supercropped 2 largest


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Day 2 Bloom...

Journal Entry 8/12/11 2 smaller supercropped, distilled water, 2 Tbsp/gal H2 O2, 1 Tbsp/gal Molasses 1 Tbsp/gal Big bloom, 1 tsp gal Grow Big, Ph 6.5, bubbled outside for several hrs

Journal Entry 8/14/11 Ph'd 6.5 RO Bubbled overnight, 2 Tblsp/gal H2O2, several drops Superthrive

Journal Entry 8/16/11 12/12 Start Ph'd 6.4 RO Bubbled 1 hr, 2 Tbsp/gal H2O2, 1 Tsp Gal Tiger Bloom, 1/4 tsp/gal Open Sesame

Journal Entry 8/18/11 Ph'd 6.5 RO Bubbled, 2 Tblsp/gal H2O2

The girls have really started bushing out and sucking down the water & food, dry within 48 hrs. Foxfarm's instructions say feed every other watering, but I'm thinking that may be excessive feeding twice a week or optionally I could halve the dose and continue alternating feeding with waterings. Anyone have any suggestions on this?


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