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4x8 600w RDWC tent


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back in the days of overgrow,, i built a 250w scrog cabinet and had great results with it,, but always wanted to "go bigger"... welp,, long story short,, the cabinet was stolen from storage and i did the apartment life for awhile..

now im back with this monstrosity :thumb:

equipment used:
4x8 hydrofarm tent
600w hps galaxy ballast
8" sun blazer air cooled hood
8" vortex fan
can 50 filter
active aqua 550 water pump
elemental 571 air pump
light rail 3.5
6 bucket rdwc (about 40 gals total)

i've been collecting parts and planning this for the better part of a year (they get expensive lol)

anyways,,, on with the pics!!!


sour diesel mom & cuttings under a flouro while i set up


pvc ran buckets (1/2" feed,, 1 1/4" drainage) foil tape for light blocking


res.. inline filter & garden hose hookup for draining


water pump


left side of the bucket has an overflow drain,, right side is feed


spray from pump combined with airstone... hopefully this will be enough,, if not,, bigger pumps i guess (i could still use the pumps for a cloner i'm sure i'll eventually build)


light rail


hard to see but,, i ran my exhaust thru the ceiling and is vented out the roof... buh-bye heat!!!


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i'm having problems with the rail slipping,,, the fan makes alot of pressure in the hose making it not want to flex easily,, so it pushes against the hood when it moves to the exhaust side...

the rail could probably use a good cleaning and new wheels/spring,,, but im thinking a speed controller for the fan to reduce hose pressure (it moves a ridiculous amount of air at full speed) along with trolleys for the hose and an elbow for the exhaust side

edit: i cleaned the rail & wheels with some alcohol and tried an elbow on the exhaust side,,, ran flawlessly..
i'll be putting the filter on a table above the res,,, so the other side of the hood will also need an elbow,, should work without trolleys
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