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5.5 weeks into flower - A few strange leaves - Curious


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I'm into 5th week of flower and have a few weird leaves.

Strain is True OG
Medium is FF Happy Fog uhh I mean Happy Frog
12 plants in 5gal Eco pots, 6 in scrog and 6 super cropped, all under 4x 1000w HPS
Using 1/2 dose advanced nutrients GMB, Big Bud until last week and Bud Candy
Tried full dose but experienced a little burn with the FF soil so I cut back.
12/12 cycle and watering every 2 days now
Temps are 69/70 at night and 82-84 at day
Humidity staying 50-55% now, can't seem to get it lower although it's been a bit unseasonably humid here in Vegas lately. That'll change.

Any idea on the leaves??

See how the leaves are folding under?
... Doesn't seem normal to me but the rest of the plant appears to be normal. I can find no signs of pests so I'm not sure what it is.

Any clue? Beuller?


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you will never need to use full strength GMB in any medium most likely, 2ml per litre is about 1.4 ec (water starting at 0.3) which is high enough for soil.

50-55% humidity is fine.

temps are a little warm. warm room with high ec on nutes could be the issue.


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Looks like heat stress. Gotta expect that in Vegas. We had a hot spell here in Alaska, and my room temps got up to 90 F. I had windows open and fans blowing everywhere! I managed to get the temps down to 80, which was the outside temp, as well. You might need to use a box air conditioner in your grow room.

And less nutes is better for cannabus. It's a weed. Treat it like a weed, and don't overdo the love. :love:


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Your soil PH has dropped. This happens in flower as H+ ions are released into grow medium. Ca/Mg is locked out under 6.5 PH, not runoff, but active soil (youtube has bids on ways to check soil PH correctly) Ca/Mg def shows rust tips and edges starting on lower growth and moves up from there when lower leafs are harvested for their Ca. Two ways to fix this; foliar feed a Ca/Mg nute if possible, adjust PH into soil range (FF 6.3 is lower limit) significantly and feed light nutes with Ca/Mg or 1/2 tsp
Epson salt. But if soil is locked out you could unlock nutes and burn your plant. Feed till 15% runoff to flush.

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