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5 gallon pails


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I am finally done with my grow room at 5x5x7 and have plenty of room for 5gallon pails which I have not used in the past. Is their anything special I should do to prep them for the soil, like putting rocks on the bottom for better drainage, where should I drill holes for drainage, do I need holes for drainage? I know I have even seen pics of trash bags lining the pails can someone expain that one to me?

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5 gals are great! but definetly need some holes drilled right at the bottom, 4 is plenty.
if you dont let those thing drain, and dry.. it wont work. your roots will rot.

soil tends to come flowing out, when flushing.
so theres not much choice that i see, have to cover the holes with rocks. or whatever will block the soil/coco from coming out. actually i use hydroton for that =)

maybe thats why they might use a liner! i dunno about that one. or maybe to make the cleanup after harvesting easier. =)

another problem is what to set the 5 gallon in when watering..in order to catch overflow. maybe find some 14 inch pans or plastic tubs.

i think next time im going to get some 5 gallonish plastic trashcans. they are square/rectangular shaped for better fitting... and they fit right inside a plastic dishtub you can get for like 1.99$


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5 gal. is what I use. No you dont need to put rocks in the bottom, and no you dont need to drill holes for dranage (but thats ONLY if your a VERY EXPERIENCED grower), but yeah you should drill a hole in the middle, and a couple around the first one.
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