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5 plants alive and 6 weeks flowering - In spite of me


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Hey folks. New to the site here. I should have researched this site before I had them planted.
I started with 7 germinated bag seeds. 1 is in the ground and 4 are in pots all different sizes. I think obviously now it's 2 different strains. I straight up killed one plant and 1 plant was male. I went through a bad ph problem, over fertilized, and diagnosed these plants 1000 times in the past couple of months. Anyway I now know about miracle grow soil and miracle grow ferts. I basically stumbled my way through this first grow.
One plant just started it's 6th week flowering. 1 is in the 5th week. 3 plants are in the beginning of the 3rd week flowering.

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:welcome: to :420: creek!

We're all learning. Some just started a little sooner than others. :high-five:


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My dad told me once a few months before he passed away that if he knew he was going to live this long he would have taken better care of himself. That is how I'm feeling right now about my first attempt at growing. It's cool though. I'm excited about getting ready for my next attempt. Hopefully my pictures will look a lot more like some of the ones I've seen around here.
But right now I do have 5 plants that I can't give up on. Two of my plants went through a severe ph problem. I believe it led to some kind of nute lock. I researched the symptoms, compared pictures, and tested my soil run off until I diagnosed them with the Zika Virus.
Seriously though I do have a couple of questions about finishing up my first grow.
The one plant in week 6 flowering (named Curly) lost a lot of leaves 4 weeks ago. I'm sure the problem is corrected (ph) but I'm not sure how a plant is affected long term by going through something like that. Considering the ph ordeal and the Miracle Grow nutrient burn that plant lived through I think it looks decent right now. I've been using 1 tbs/gallon molasses on every plant which they have all benefitted from. This evening I noticed Curly has some crunchy leaves that wasn't crunchy yesterday. They aren't brittle but if I pinch the sides of leaves I can feel and hear a slight crisp/crinkle sound. Is it possible that the molasses is doing this or could it have something to do with the past ph and nute burn issues? It doesn't have a lot of leaves to lose. I'm thinking I should just stop giving it anything other than water until harvest but I'm also willing to accept any tips or advice. This particular plant is in regular yard soil mixed with miracle grow soil. This plant is the 4th and 5th picture with the white background.
Each of my plants are planted and cared for slightly different than the others (I was experimenting) so I'll start a new thread specific to each one with any other questions. Hell yeah it's a shit show this time but I'll get it together for next time.
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