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5 week flowering problem showing up


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Hello everyone,

I am now into my 5e weeks of flowering.

Can someone help me to identify that problem, i though about cal/mag but i use 2 ml per litter with Osmosed water, i am at 250ppm with cal/mag right before adding more nutrients.

Its maybe K potassium problem ? due to over nitrogen cockblocking my potassium ?

If someone can help me out and tips welcomed on how to resolve the problem before i loose all my leafs.




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I though it could be led burn too but one plant is much more lower than the 3 others and still is hit the same so i excluded the light burn from it. 3 plant are at 24 inch the recommanded Led distance from the maker and the 4 e little one is over 30 inch away and is still plagued the same as the others 3 and note that the tips burned go all the ways down to the almost mid way down the canopy. Seem to me nutrient burn too, i am lowering my mix to 400ppm drained to 1/4 my DWC and will add the 400ppm mix into the bucket ( 200ppm are cal mag ) and i added only some GH bloom in it, no micro, no Nitro or others stuff like big bud etc.. If someone have better idea than what i am doing your welcomed to give your input.

I am due to feed them only sunday night, i will reduce overall my mix to 1000ppm insteand of 1400-1600ppm and see.

I really hope led arent a part of the problem as i dont have anymore space to raise them, i could lower them down to 400w or something tough from their 480w.



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I would take it easy on the nutrients and after a week if it hasn't gotten worse then that was the problem,. You can super crop in flower to avoid height issues with led but you are already on week 5 I would make that decision quick but I doubt it's light burn , if not maybe nitrogen ,


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Yes its most likely nitrogen, i am not sure why i been having that nitrogen problem ( lower part of the leaft being very damp, looking wet and dark green) since 2 weeks before turning them to flowering 12 12.......i never menaged to get ride of it but didnt seem to bother much my plants since now. I am using mostly GH floranova bloom,cal/mag big bud, bud candy, B52, the additive i am using 1 ml insteand of 2 per litter, 2 ml per litter for cal mag and 1.50 per litter for floranova and hydroguard is like 2 ml per gallon.

It give me overall 1600ppm, and i topping water during the week with GH bloom, cal mag and hydroguard at 600ppm, not sure where come from that overnitrogen....

I will go with 1000ppm next shoot and 400ppm for my topping water during the week or will it be still too much ?

I also lowered to 350w one of my 480w led just in case, i doupt they will lack light anyway. Worse case i get less popcorn at mid canopy :)

Many thx for the help.

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