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5 week of flower leaves turning yellow with brown tips n edges


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this started at the end of week 2 of flower its now week 5 and it's progressing. Im loosing leaves and stunted growth im using Botanicare nute, ebb n grow sys 3 1000wtt hps iv recently lowered my ppm from 1300 to 800 this is my first attempt with the ebb n grow if this crop cant be saved id like to figure out the problem for next crop any advice is much appreciated tks: SO MUCH ;)


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Pics would be great. I use botanicare as well. I never go much above 1100 ppm at peak flowering, at least with the strains I've been growing, much more than that and I start getting nute burn. The other constant source of problems is. PH


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Check your nutritional values nubie1. After growing for years it always seems that it falls back to the ph value like weasalcracker mentioned or another compound.

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hi mate
it would be helpsul if u stated the growing medium for these sorts of questions.
If soil , Id say leave the nutes for abit, let the plant absorb everything it has stored in the soil. I think u are experiencing nute burn where the plant has been over fed. Give only ph water till you see some recovery then SLOWLY aplly nutes at lower strengths.

Also i know ths might seem silly but make sure u ph after adding nutes.

peace bro


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im using clay pebbles, im not even sure of the proper feeding schedule by that i mean how often to flood and how long too keep it flooded . I am flooding for 30 min every four hours when the lights are on . my ph is never higher than 6.3 and low as 5.5
im trying to post a pic but cant figure it out tks again for the info
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