5 weeks in, check her out.


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Okies, i am back with more pics of my girl and her clone. :3:

She is now at the beginning of 5 weeks of flowering.
For those just tuning in:
NL x BB strain,
under 400w hps, and is now 2ft 3inches tall, clone is 6inches.

You may notice that the clone is flowering.
I put her into flower at 3inches tall, mainly because for some reason
she was doing terrible under my cfl light, so i figured she may
die anyway, so put her under the hps.
To my amazment, few days later, she was healthy and happy. :smokin:

I'm back to my shitty webcam, so bear with me.

These are my clone.



My girl was burnt when i went away for 2 days, and in this pic
she is trimmed and doing well again. After the trimming, her bud production
went up quite noticeably. :allgood:
Tried to get in as close as i could without it being blurry. Damn webcam.



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Buds are looking great, also notices some end trimming on the fans...more light for the lower buds?


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I agree, trim some of the larger lower fan leaves off. The plant will then begin to bush out and the buds will get more light.

Nice looking plant though, many strong budsites on that one.


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Thanks for the tip.
When she wakes up, it's snippin time.


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graffittt1- yes u smoke the bud of the plant.

WP- the pics dont look that bad with the webcam. and she is looking really great. what strain again?


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Just to what was said about cutting the fan leaves off, its not a great idea. The fan leaves are what provide the plant with the power to change the nutrients into plant matter, they are a large part of the photosynthesis. By cutting the leaves you put the plant under stress, and well it will not absorbe as much light as it used to, thus making a weaker plant.

The best thing to do would be train the leaves gently out of the way of the buds. If you really want to cut them then i would suggest only cutting 50% or less of the leaves.


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Pyro - it's in the first post.
Northern Lights crossed with Big Bud.
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