5 Weeks of Veg - First Grow - Update and Advice please...


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Hey Guys MannyGreen here,

So once again just posting to get some feedback on my plants progress, this is my first grow and happened to be a bag seed. I did go on to buy some seeds (Critical Thunder Auto Fem) which is at week 1 and doing well, and the unknown strain is at day 37 a little past 5 weeks and about to be switched to flower - so i plan.

I am going to attach the pic as well as any information that may be needed about my grow. Any feedback or advice moving forward or for future grows would be great.

So the plant is roughly 10-14 inches, and been growing under a 10.5 inch - 250w CFL (above plant) as well as a small LED spotlight (BLUE-RED SPECTRUM LIGHT) i moved around the plant as well as an additional 75w CFL bulb i used where i felt as if areas of the plant needed more light like to the main stem/stalk after i did LST training etc.

I have been growing in fox farm ocean mix since transplanting to the 2 gallon pot as well as all fox farm nutes which i have been watering as i see fit and usually every 3-4 days.

pH, Humidity, Temperature:
I have kept my pH between 6-7 and then realized it needed to be more like 6.5-7.2 and since week 2-3 i have been making sure all watererings, and leaf mistings are getting 6.8pH water. The humidity has been low in my space dropping sometimes below 20%. I have added water cups and a wet cloth to the air flow by the fan and now can keep humidity around 25-37%. My temp has remained constant between 78-84*f. (Airflow has also been good to the plant)

Extra Plant Info:
I have LST the plant and did that right around the 2 1/2 week mark. I also have topped my plant right around day 24-25 and saw great results. I topped right as the fifth node or what would have been the fifth node after the LST training. I have began to decrease the lighting as the plant was at a full 24 hours of light for the first 4 weeks. Every day i take 2 hours away from it and now she is receiving 14-10. Can i make the full 12-12 switch now? I don't want her to get more then 30inches in height.

Please let me know what you think, and any additional advice or ideas moving forward would be great:


I would switch now looks healthy and will stretch double the size it is now I its more sativa dominant could get 3 times as big but looks more indica domineering to me

That humidity will be fine for flowering wouldn't worry about it to much between 30 and 40 for flowering is fine if you want to increase it any more get a bigger cup/bowl and a fan blowing on to it will evaporate the water more into the air
Thanks mikeyxb, yeah i switched her over about 4 nights ago and so far she is still doing well. I have been debating transplanting to the 5 gallon bag but I'm a little worried to now that I'm in flowering and really don't want to cause any unneeded stress.

Appreciate the advise and she seems to still be thriving, more posts to come
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