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5 x Auto - Anesthesia - Coco - 600W

Soup 01

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Hi all, thought i would start a grow journal, been using the site for ages for reference and reading through people grow's for inspiration etc. Anyway im on my 3rd proper grow, and my first time growing Auto's. Seems to be going well so far, im 3 weeks into the cycle as of today so have allot of pics already.

Indoor grow - home made grow room/box thing. ( 1.8m x 1.8m x 2.2m ish)
Light - 600W HPS Dual Spectrum
Medium - Coco coir
Nutrients - IONIC coco, GROW & BLOOM. (Superthrive -wont be using much if atall)
Ventilation - Is not very good, have a hole in the back wall to allow for air to leave fast as it gets very hot
Fans - 1x Large oscillating fan
Pot size - Dont know how much a gallon is so.. (about 30cm tall pots and 20/25cm wide)
Light cycle - 18/6 throughout auto's lives. 12/12 for the Photo once auto's are harvested.

Seeds :
5x Auto Anesthesia (Pyramid Seeds) - Apparently very resilient and a claimed '7 week total grow time' (rubbish i bet)
1x Photo plant - Aroma by CH9 Seeds

A bit of info - Like i said im 21 days in today, all the auto's showed sex on day 16, they have shot up like mad over the last week aswell, cant wait for the buds to start packing on. As for the photo plant, that isnt really a part of this journal although i will update about it, but i plan to veg it untill i harvest the auto's then put it down to 12/12 and by then it should be quite big i hope. :)

Soup 01

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

Week 1 Pics -


Bit of a gap for a day or two and then..


So the first week i was feeding nothing just plain water (sadly have no PH or PPM metre's yet), towards the end of the first week i fed their first bit of nutes - 1/4 strength IONIC GROW

Soup 01

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

Week 3 Pics -

Now i have taken a couple pics today but have yet to upload them to my PC so will show the ones from earlier this week (about 3 days ago so roughly day 18), then i will upload the end of week 3 pics tommorow. :)


Info - Feeding has gone upto half strength IONIC GROW, had one feed recently where i added 1drop superthrive per litre, don't know if it did much but they certainly didn't disagree with it either way. Also i have had to tuck most of the fan leaves underneath the smaller heads so they can get to the light, which is why they look a bit droopy in these pics. By now (day 21) they are looking allot better as i will show tommorow.

And that's the lot for now, Ill be updating every 3 days or so unless they slow down their growth a bit but currently they change allot every day.

Cya tmoz

Soup 01

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

Welcome gramfan, thanks for popping in! and good to see you over here kitty, wish i'd done a bit of LST on mine too after seing yours lol decided im going to do some minor stuff tommorow like tying the branches out a bit :) Will update before and after pics. hopefully it works out haha

Soup 01

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

DAY 22 Since sprouting -

Hey all,

Got some new pics, woke up today and they seem to have grown loads just overnight. Either im going crazy or they are lol. Anyway had to take them out and tie some of the bigger heads to the edge of the pots, to try and spread the light a bit more evenly. They look a bit defoliated but i only actually took two leaves off of one plant for now.

First of all here is the before and after LST'ing them.





This is a pic of a head that randomly has split into two heads.. and i didnt actually top it :30: lol.


So thats all for now, im about to water them tonight with half strength IONIC BLOOM nutes. :)

Cya in a couple of days most probs :ciao:

Soup 01

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

These pics are a couple days old, mostly from Wed the 22nd and a couple from Thurs 23rd. Bit late i know but been busy :), will have some new upto date pics tomoz also.

Day 25 since sprouting

So there has been a bit of a size issue, they have gotten too big for their own good and my grow box isnt handling it well lol. If you have seen my previous pictures then youll see the 6 plants are in two lines of three, well they dont fit anymore so i have had to line them up in three rows of two, which severely limits my walking around room lol!

So i have had to go drastic and take the side wall of my growroom off entirely, and cut the black/white plastic lining, i attached a thin bit of wood to the bottom of the plastic 'curtain' to keep it down and help roll it up when im tending to the plants, as for the big sheets of ply(wall) i had to remove all nails but one, now when i remove the wall i just pull the wood off and roll the plastic up and its open basically. Not really ideal but itll do for now :) + when its put back into place you can barely notice a difference.

Heres a pic a day before i took out the wall and moved the plants..

And heres a couple after..

A shot with my hand in it for size reference..

And a couple of shots of the canopy and the stem system :)..

And finally a shot of the Photo plant (Aroma by CH9 seeds).. its doing ok, but after being much faster growing than the auto's in the beginning it's now being majorly out done by them. And its a bit wilted here due to just being watered but seems healthy enough :)..

And thats it for now, all seems to be going ok, been feeding them full strength IONIC bloom nutes now as they seem to be handling it fairly well, also going to be watering them everyday as of today, they keep wilting and getting too dry in this bloody coco.

Hope all are well!, cya tommorow for some more upto date pics :) :blunt::ciao:

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

Hey Soup - as usual, I'm late for the party. Just found your place, good thing, too. Planning on some autos myself, and yours look so nice, I can't wait to get mine in the pot. Really interested in the time frame from "sprout to out". Hard to believe they can be done so quick. You're doing an awesome job!

Soup 01

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

Cheers man, and thanks for popping by. Well im no expert in autos as this is my first auto grow and to be honest im kindof asking the same question as you lol, i spend most of my time on this site looking through completed journals and mainly auto ones to see how long they took lol!

My strain 'Anesthesia' is meant to be one of the faster ones, completeing in apparently 7 weeks, so 49days apparently :eek:.. But i know i wont be getting that kind of speed, mine are day 28 now (4weeks) and only just got to the start of the budding stages, they now have nice white tops to the bud sites so i think i have about 6 or 7 weeks left. Im expecting 7 to be safe.

So the way i see it, if you get a faster strain say a 7 or 8 week one, then it will more likely take 10 or 11 weeks to finish. But ill know allot more when the plants are done ofcource :). Hope that helps in some way.

Have you picked your strain/s yet?

too old

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

Ordered from MJSC (our sponsor): SnowWhite and Afghan. Should be here soon, I hope. Site says 4 - 8 weeks for the Afghan (seems unlikely) and 8 - 10 weeks for the Snow white (seems a little short as well). But hey, it's worth the trip into unknown turf. And I kind of like the idea of all the lights on at the same time, no threat of light poisoning the other side of the room.

Soup 01

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

Ordered from MJSC (our sponsor): SnowWhite and Afghan. Should be here soon, I hope.

Nice! Yeah 4-8 seems a bit short but 8 - 10 sounds reasonable, i know some people with perfect grow coniditons can grow them faster than me for example, but ive also heard of plenty of autos finishing around the 70 day mark(10 week). So could well be. And yeah i love the simple lighting of it all, also love the fact you can chuck a photo plant in and just let it grow for ages without bothering the budding auto's :)

Im hoping my photo will be a beast by the time i harvest so i can get another grow going from 12/12 straight up.

Are you going to be making a journal? If so youll have to let me know the link so i can check it out. Im obsessed with auto's now. They seem to grow so fast!

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

How did you determine that 18-6 was the best light schedule? It's not supposed to matter to autos (within reason, I presume) what schedule they are on. Was it because you have your photo in with them? I was thinking more along the lines of 16/8 or 15/9, only for power conservation.There are other growers that have used 12/12, 14/10, etc. and have had good results. Just curious.

Soup 01

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

Yeah i use 18/6 mainly because my photo plant is in there too, so it makes sense. But i have heard from allot of growers that the best schedule is 20/4, followed by 18/6. And i thought you could grow with any light schedule aslong as it was above like 8 or so hours, but apparently any lower than 18/6 is a bad idea as it will slow the growth rate.

Still, it would work with 15hours light, surely.. just maybe not quite as well.

Soup 01

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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

So as promised i have some upto date pics of my plants :)

Day 29 since sprouting.

I am still feeding full strength IONIC BLOOM to the auto's And IONIC GROW to the photo at 2/3 strength. The Auto's i think are slowing down their stretch phase so hopefully now they will continue to focuss only on the buds, which are getting bigger finally (still pumping out pistils at the min)..

Also i cant be bothered to try and seperate the pics into any kind of order as im tired and high lol. But here are some shots of the canopy (with the side wall removed), some shots of the plants individually and some little bud shots.


And this last one is the photo plant (Aroma)..

Thats it for now i think, :lot-o-toke: :ciao:


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Re: 5x Auto - Anesthesia / Coco / 600W

Looking nice! Dear god I don't see myself getting 2 plants anytime soon, with 6 it must be so much work, and then they all grow different and react differently to LSTs and keeping track of everything must be really demanding, great job, they're looking awesome and healthy :)
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