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50% coco 25% perlite 25%playsand


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hi i want to mix my own soil for my plant the out of coco perlite and playsand with hornflour in it for the higher sodium for the star and when it come to flowering to use bonsai nuts what do you think will this work or have already one done this?


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I usually use 50-50 perlite and coco, but with my new run I am doing pure coco again as I did in the past. I use playsand on the top to keep gnats out. Also, I line the bottom layer with coco, then put about an inch of sand on top of that. This makes it impossible for the gnats to get in through the bottom of the pot.

Gnats are a real pain if they can get inside your pots and lay eggs, as the larva eats your roots.


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that sand is actually doing nothing to benefit your mix , as used by LEDRF as a top coat to keep out fungus flies that's great but mixing it into the mix not so a great idea . I M O :)
sand is used in bonsai to make the mix free flowing & NOT hold water OR nutes
So using sand in your mix is counter-productive & just means your gonna have to water more often
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