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50% Off Vulx: The Because We Feel Like It Promotion


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Seen threads from @Emilya and @Pbass and their success with Vulx?

Want to try on your own grow but $30 is a bit too steep?

This is the thread for you. Check out this review from @Pbass "40% less water and 20% increased output from the same strains."

Watch the review then click here and add Vulx to your cart! Then use the code "420mag" during checkout to get 50% off! Shipping is also free.

Why are we doing this?!

I dunno, just 'cause. Got enough going on with commercial farms and want to start getting it out to more retail customers!

Who should buy this?!

Anyone growing in soil (regular or organic/living), coco, or blends.

When should one buy this?!

The promo is over on 11/12, but after that the code 420mag will still give you a 15% discount. I also may forget to turn it back to 15% so it could run longer.


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For the promo yeah but I can fill larger orders starting at 50lbs.

Edit: actually I can do anything under 50lbs with the promo. I'll just have to get some special packaging which is no problem but it won't be fancy ;)


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Vulx is a powder that you mix into soil, coco, or blends. It increases water and nutrient availability, retention, and uptake efficiency.

We see anywhere from 10-40% increased output and lower water requirements in veg.


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I try to be as available as possible. Drop a line any time.

There's a nursery I work with that uses Fox Farms nutes - if you're running with the organic variety you won't really have to cut back or change much. Just water a lot less.

If using the mineral salts just cut back the first feed by 25% and watch the plants and go from there.

Pretty straightforward to use just mix in and listen to the ladies. :)


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thanks. I currently use Fox farm for nutes..been looking to try something else.
This type of product is nutrient-agnostic; that is, it works with any brand/type of nutrient (as far as I know). It's not a catalyst, exactly, more of a... facilitator, lol. Here's the manufacturer's webpage that explains technical details:

I'm gonna go follow a journal to see it's use.
I'll be starting one in a week or so. Its purpose is primarily to learn whether there is any benefit to using the product in a hempy (passive hydroponic) environment using perlite. The expected answer is, "No," so any improvement at all will be a bonus to the experiment, lol. I'll be growing two plants of the same strain, each in a small hempy, one with and one without the Vulx Soil Amentment product.

But I hope to also grow a plant in soil (its actual intended use) with the product, too. I'll add a link to my .SIG(nature) when I start the grow journal.
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I definitely don't have a "scientific method" brain. Growing pot, like most everything I do is primarily done by feel. So I just put 5% Vulx to the weight of the soil like the instructions said and waited for my girls to tell me they are thirsty like I always do, which took forever (good thing). I've got plants in flower not in vulx right now on their own schedules and it's driving me crazy how much I have to watch them to keep up with watering how they want.

So this is why it's gone back in as a permanent addition to my routine:

1) With the Vulx it was set it and forget it for the most part with watering and that's why it's definitely back in the next round of veggers. I like to be in and out of my room in 10 minutes a day as many times as possible not a hour every day chasing multiple watering schedules!

2) While too many variables changed in my Vulx run vs. previous runs to give a measured estimate of the increase in output, what I can tell you is I did better with the same strains in output and dankness. Like you better keep that in glass and open it in your bathroom with the vent on better.

3) Adding Vulx didn't cause me to have to change anything about how I do things or what I feed to my girls. I just put it in and and got better results with less work! I did have to think a bit differently...I added cal mag to my bug spray which at one point when I thought they could use some cal mag but weren't ready for water, and that fixed that!

So you can prolly tell I'm sold! The only question about the permanent addition of Vulx to the mix I have now is how I'm going to deal with reusing soil. I have a feeling I must have used the soil from the Vulx girls on the up pot of two Pineapple Express clones I have going that must be going on couple months old...I just realized I can't remember the last time I watered them and they are getting big! Cheers, have a great day yall! :yahoo:


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If you're reusing soil you don't need to add it again. It doesn't break down.

I'd add about 5% of the first application every 3-5 rounds just to replace what floats away or gets washed away or otherwise leaves the soil. So if you added 100g the first round a few round later just add 5 more.


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I did forget to turn it off as expected so the promo's still running, just shipped out some to a couple folks.

I'll probably leave it up until Friday at this point. Either way that same code will always be good for a discount of some kind.


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Is it a polymer? I remember back in the early 90s there was a granular polymer that would suck up water as its given and releasing it when the plant needed it. It worked killer. I always wondered where that idea went.
No. From the site:

What’s Vulx?
Vulx is not:

  • glacial rock dust
  • “paramagnetic lava rock”
  • soil remineralization
  • water polymer crystals
  • pumice
  • perlite or vermiculite
  • a fertilizer


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Vulx is a powder that you mix into soil, coco, or blends. It increases water and nutrient availability, retention, and uptake efficiency.

We see anywhere from 10-40% increased output and lower water requirements in veg.
Would love to give it a go my plants with out it I can only imagine with vulx
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