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The time has come to wrap this journal up. I've been very lazy with updating this one, my apologies. Might be time to give the journals a rest on here, until I have something new to share I guess.

I didn't end up weighing the first plant I pulled, it was getting dried branch at a time. Sold and smoked all of it. The second plant I managed to keep untouched other then the big pacman cola I snipped due to mould spot.

Heres the cheeky message I posted in the comp I'm in, just for a razz haha

And here's the second plant all jarred up. I think I over dried her, so I've chucked bovedas in some jars. Something I need to work on for next run. Not sure if it's what's affected the taste but she still not very nice. Oh well, I still get high..

One plant was just under 6oz I'm sure the pacman was at least 1/4 so I'll just say 6oz from the one. All I needed was 4 from both to get me through to next harvest so I'm happy as fuck. Going to try a couple more bottled goodies in the next run and see if I can get some more bulk in the buds also. Had that airy, fluffiness you see from cheap LED grows. Hoping to rectify that a little. Could have been strain related also.

Anyway, thanks to all for following along. Appreciate all the help and kind words you amazing people give me. Blessed to know you all. Stay high and be safe people


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Looks like you are set for a day or two. Hey, how did the veggy garden do?
Yeah not bad. Cold weather ended my fruit a bit early. Got a heap of cantoulopes, couple watermelons, and still pulling butternut pumpkins out. Been giving them away coz I don't eat enough of them. Still have more tomatoes ripening on the vine. Now it's winter I'm gonna dig it all up and put in all the compost etc I've been collecting. Start prepping for next season. Nft system I rigged up outside is working well. Actually saved the strawberries that were dying in the ground and also have some basil, celantro and mint in there. Running the local hydro guy's house nutes and seems to be doing the trick.


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Nice haul there tunks. I lost a head to mold also. Live and learn buddy ya did great!
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