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$500 Fine For 3kg

Jim Finnel

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The State Government is considering appealing against a court decision in which a woman was fined only $500 despite having nearly 3kg of cannabis she admitted planning to sell for profit.
Police Minister Paul Holloway has told Parliament he will refer the issue to the Director of Public Prosecutions to see if there are grounds for appeal.

Family First MLC Dennis Hood told Parliament that in July last year, police raided the Munno Para home of Denise Campbell and caught her in the process of harvesting hydroponically grown cannabis plants.

"She and two accomplices had in their possession almost 3kg of cannabis - 2.86kg to be exact - which is a major indictable quantity under the Act," Mr Hood said.

"She admitted to police that she was a drug dealer and that she was planning to sell the cannabis for profit."

Mr Hood said that on March 2 this year, Judge David Smith in the District Court had "dealt with her by way of a paltry, simple $500 fine".

He said the judge had described the cannabis haul as "a minimal quantity" yet it had a street value of about $10,000. Mr Hood questioned whether there would be an appeal against the "very lenient" sentence and asked whether the cost of police resources involved in the investigation and prosecution of the case would substantially exceed the penalty.

Mr Holloway said he was sure it would cost the police significantly more than $500 to investigate the case.

"Clearly, if penalties imposed by the courts are considered inadequate. It is in the capacity of the DPP to appeal," he said.

"I will have the situation investigated . . ."

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