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Hi, beautiful people! Thanks to all of your journals I’ve mustered the courage to start my own grow, so thank you and hopefully this can help someone else out too. :) This is my first one so your feedback is highly appreciated.

Progress so far: My seeds germinated with 2 days and sprouted also with 2. Since I put my girls under the lights they grew so much with one night already. I'm really excited!:)
# of plants: 3. The seeds are from Buddha Seeds and they are 3 random ones of the Assorted 10 so I hope you guys can help me figure out what we’re dealing with;) If anyone has grown these, let me know!
The package contains 10 different strains but there are 4 that will definitely be in there: White Dwarf, Red Dwarf, Deimos and Syrup. The rest of the seeds are experimental hybrids or will be on the market soon. All of them are feminized and autoflowering.
Grow medium: organic soil, mixed with perlite,guano and vermicompost. I'm sorry I don't know the ratios because I just mixed it up by instinct. Per plant: about 1L of perlite, a little bit less than 100g of bat guano and 1L of moist worm hummus.
Pot sizes: 2 x 11L, 1 x 5L
Lights: 8x 30W CFL’s warm white and 1x~100W CFL daylight
Grow space: I’m growing in a stealth box that I’ve built myself and the measurements are L155cm, W85cm, D45cm. It actually looks more like a closet because I made litte doors and all that:) It has a double floor for max airflow. I built it out of thick compressed wood sheets( sorry, don't know the word in English:)), using industrial glue and nails to hold it all together. All of the wires are on the roof and that's where the carbon filter will be when I stop smoking and finally build it.
Since I’m broke and couldn’t find Mylar I covered my walls with emergency blankets. They seem to be working fine. Got two big ones for like 8 euros, It was a mess cutting and stapling them because they're so thin but I made it work.
Temperature and moisture: Temperature varies between 22-25 C and moisture is about 45%. ATM airflow is provided by one superloud and powerful PC fan that is blowing the air out(don't know the specs), but I will replace it with 3 or 4 smaller ones to get the noise level down and install my filter. They will be 77 cfm's that will be blowing air out of the box.

Some pictures for you:
lol those are the first seeds i ever bought .. they were easy to grow . i didn't like the potency(it was better than nothing ) and the issue that u dont know which plant is which since its an assorted pack .. no strong smell at all. plants topped out around 2 feet and took 108 days to finish . don't go by what the breeders say . i think u have plenty of height since u will be able to have the cfls right on the canopy but i dont see u getting 3 plants to harvest in that box . i say 2.. but auto flowers don't care about light leaks so u can grow one in a corner of a room under cfls if need be . i will see if i have any pics of my finished plants anymore .:goodjob: on building your own box and lights.
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Dayumm about the seeds having a weak potency, but I guess it will still be better than what I get from the street:) Hope that you can dig up some pics of your plants! And what about the variety, was there atleast one good plant out of the 10? I was originally going to grow 2 plants for that space, but one of the seeds took a long time to germinate so I put another one in there and ended up with 3. Figured what the hell, might as well throw it in there aswell. Also had a question about the lights... I have read a lot of stuff about autos and lights and root growth so I was thinking of keeping them in 24/0 for the beginning and in 20/4 or 19/5 for flowering. Devils letuce, what did you use?
I have bought the only reasonable nutes I could find here: HESI BLoom Complex(NPK 3-3-4). Has anyone used it? Was thinking of giving only that to my babes because my soil should have enough good stuff in it. YAY, let me now what you think!
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Update: I have put in 4 77cmf fans and the sound level has gone way down but now I'm struggling with building my carbon filters.Think I have to make 4 small ones to fit the fans. Have bought a big bag of activated carbon but now I have to figure out what would be the best material to cover the filters. I have tried thin stockings but they really suck(meaning they are blocking the sucking:)) What would be the best thing for that? I was thinking about using a fly net- the kind you use to cover windows because it lets a lot of air through.
Also have a problem with humidity, it has gone down to 24%, how bad is that? I'm trying to get a humidifier in there asap.
Sorry for the long posts and thanks for reading and helping me out!:love:
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I will post more pictures of my DIY setup as soon as I get everything done:) Like so many first time growers before me, I also couldn't wait to get started so my box needs quite a bit of work..and maybe it's a girl thing but I want it to be bearable to look at instead of a pile of shit in the corner of my room that it is now:3::3:
i had one plant that was the best for sure but with being assorted autos i never knew what strain it was .. they were defiantly sativa dominant . took over 100 days to finish and the leaf was all sativa .. dont get me wrong stoner it was good but just not near the best . for sure better than street bud.

i started 24\0. seems they were going slow so i swapped it to 20\4 after two weeks and they loved it . i kept them on that schedule for the remainder of the grow . always keep in mind two plants with room to grow will produce more bud than 3 cramped plants ..
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You are totally right about the cramped part but these are my first, so if i kill one on the way, it wont be so sad... like survival of the fittest.. okay, I'm not actually a plant murderer, don't come knocking on my door with burning stakes and such :blunt: I am keeping my babes at 24/0 and they seem to be doing just fine, the 6th set of little leaves in such a small time. If they start to slow down on my I might put them on 20/4 also. Thanks for your reply! :circle-of-love:
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I've decided to name them Alice(the prettiest one), Lucy and Britney Spers(the one who I thin had a nervous brakdown but hopefully will make a comeback:4:My girls are all alive and doing fine although I have some issues.. I left them alone for three days and when I came back the temperature in the box was only 19 C (I left the window open by accident and there are temperatures below zero in the night time). I'm afraid that they got a little bit cold because usually they have temps over 25. The leaves of two plants are kind of curled up. I have only given them pure water. could someone tell me if its from the cold or am I doing something else wrong?
Weird leaves
my favorite plant
My cat loves having her picture taken

Please reply and don't leave me all alone with my questions:) :circle-of-love:
im dumb with temps if its not Fahrenheit.. marijuana can handle temps as low as 55 and lower. some can even survive a frost but its not suggested.. if u have a heating pad u can put it under the pots to warm the soil .


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Best keep the window shut if its getting cold.. As said mj can be a hardy plant, but best not to tempt fate and undo all your hard work.

My lighting regime was 20/4... I believe in the dark period. It allows the plant to rest and build, in my opinion anyway.. Yes ruderalis can grow in northern latitudes, which get longers days and even 24 hour light. But the strength of the light does lessen when the sun dips to the horizion, before it rises again in the sky.. Thats why i do it.. Mimic nature, its got the plants here for us to exploit in the first place... They turned out just fine.

I also noticed most of your bulbs are 2700k. They are best suited to flowering stage. Personally i would have 6500k at the moment... Then swop em over when flowering starts and leave the big boy running all the time.., then maybe a similar red spectrum during flowering. My 200w cfl is dual spectrum at the mo... But i am looking at a 300w 2700k bulb, to really bathe the girl in flowering light now she has been flipped.

I would also get the bit of soil off the leaves, it will promote mould that can spread, also damaged and bruised leaves act as an attractant for little critters. If the leaf is damaged, i would gently remove it.

What nutes are you using ?, other than what is the soil already ??

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UPDATE: 19 days

Hi again, sorry, I was out of town and my internet was so flaky that I couldn't post. I would love to switch up my lights but I don't have any cash at the moment :( My plants are looking healthy and for now they seem to be loving the 24/0 lights. I am not using any nutes atm because I haven't found anything in the stores here that would be suitable. I have considered using molasses and bat guano mix (added to the water) but even after my research I'm not completely sure how i should prepare it. The soil is organic soil, mixed with perlite,guano and vermicompost (about 1l of perlite, 100g of guano and 1L of vermicompost per plant).The temperatures in my growbox are my biggest enemy, because I still don't have my carbon filter and I'm relying on PC fans..that are shit:) In Fahrenheits it can get up to 86 degrees.
I made a DIY filter for my water because the PH was an 8.( I put two foots of stockings full of activated carbon in my bucket of water)
Also, I have a few little yellow spots on some of the leaves which I think are caused by water drops+light/heat, could that be it?

Thanks so much for the replies and for reading my boring novels, I have wayy more courage when I know I can get feedback from you guys:love:

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Nice update....

Nice growth..

You are like me, a bit skint... So just go with the lighting.... Its working... Next time round perhaps consider it.

Water on leaves will cause burns, happens outdoors to

I am investigating molasses too. It seems that blackstrap is the best.. It meant to be great...

The guano will be great in the soil, i use chicken poop pellets and worm castings from my lawn.

Keep it up

wow they are looking great ..

we all post long boring journals but we love it . and when people are interested we love it more...keeps us coming back and sharing our experiences.

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Hi there... Just to let you know, i bought some molasses today.. Not blackstrap, but still full of sugars and minerals... I made a quick tea with it... Just under half a teaspoon, into a cup... Then poured hot water over it.. Gave it a stir, cooled it down with cold water... Gave it another stir.. Then fed it too my soil..

If ya wanna incorparate guano, i would add it to a plastic bottle, add cold water. Let it soak overnight... Give it a good shake until it breaks up... Then add your hot molasses mix into that bottle.. Which will cool it down. Give it another shake, then feed your soil.

Hope that helps.... Molasses can be bought relativly cheaply.. My 300g tin was less than £2/$4... Its also known as black treacle...

Do you have access to wood fire ash ??... Another great free nute.. Many trace minerals.. Dont use too much tho.. About a tablespoon per plant, as a surface dressing...

Do you have grass/lawn ??.. If so after rain, check for the little mounds left by worms.. Spoon em up, treat it like the guano mix...

Best used in early veg stages, give the plantschance to use it up and get it out of its system.. Nitrogen is needed in flowering, but to much less of degree... Also it could effect final taste if you use too much at the wrong time..

Just a few ideas for you

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Thanks so much for the great ideas, Budworshipper! I too couldn't find blackstrap molasses anywhere.. i guess the regular one will have to do:) I live in an apartment but I have a house in the countryside, so I can get ashes and some chicken poop, YAY!
Random thought, but would it be useful to add some soil+perlite mix to my pots since the soil gets lower and lower with watering?
Thanks for sticking with my rambles!:circle-of-love:

Have a great day!


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No problems, glad i could help..

When i use chicken poop, its in pellet form... Fresh chicken poop is very " hot", in nutrient terms.. It must be well rotted or in pellet form.. The stink comes from all the ammonia present in fresh poo.. The rotting process releases/breakdown the bad stuff... If used fresh it will fry ya plants.... The pellets are real cheap too.... Be careful when using them, use a spoon or gloves..

Wash hands well afterwards...

Have a search on "fleabay"... No sure where you are, you should find em.

They are used for ALL my plants outdoor too, flowers and veggies. Just like wood ash.

Also blood/bonemeal is a great addition to your soil. Best to mix it into ya soil before planting. Great for rooting and for growing.

On the topping up issue... I do it and you can too... Soil always settles after repeated waterings... You use just soil or just the verm stuff or a mix of the two.. Keep it off ya leaves tho..

I will be getting some biobizz organic flowering nutes soon.. Relativly cheap..

They are basically molasses with added humic acids/minerals and other goodies.

With soil growing, if you have a healthy living soil, you healthy living plants...

Similar too aquariums.... You keep the water, the fish are a beautiful bonus.

Heres my recent worm cast tea...

Heres some pics of what i use.... :peace:
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Awesome, I have some shopping to do now! The selection here in the Baltics is crap, no bonemeal or decent nutes available, cant order online because im trying to keep my grow very low key. Keep me posted on the molasses though, that's something i can actually buy here(for the whopping price of 6 euros)