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5th Annual San Francisco Medical Cannabis Competition

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Preparations for the *5th Annual San Francisco Medical Cannabis Competition* are underway. Known as "The Patients' Choice," our annual event is now in it's 5th year and all proceeds we raise helps to benefit the activities of the San Francisco Americans for Safe Access (SF-ASA) chapter.

The event is designed to provide Bay Area qualified medical cannabis patients a sampling of the strain varieties they are likely to find available at local MCDs following harvest season, while simultaneously providing cultivators, collectives and cooperatives an opportunity to showcase their best strain to judges with highly refined tastes. The 2011 Competition will NOT include a big public event. Instead, organizers will distribute trophies to the winners at a *private* Awards Ceremony for competitors and judges on or November 12, 2011.

*Tickets on sale beginning October 1, 2011*

*Judges Packs available by delivery on November 1, 2011*

*To become a judge for the 2011 Cannabis Competition*

- you must be 18yo and a qualified, California medical marijuana patient

- you must purchase an official Judge's Pack which includes the official
sampler pack, materials necessary to test the medicine (grinders,
papers, lighters, etc.), an official ballot, and a ticket to the private
awards ceremony.

- you must submit/return your ballot no later than 2pm on Friday,
Nov 11, 2011.

*Official Submission Guidelines*

- Cannabis, hashish and/or edible submissions may be made by
qualified patients, or on behalf of a collective or cooperative.

- Entrants may submit up to three (3) free entries. Each additional
entry will require a $35.00 fee.

- Only products manufactured pursuant to and in accordance with
California Health and Safety Code 11362.7-11362.83 are eligible.

- Entrants must submit eighty (80) individual and pre-packaged samples
of each entry prior to October 26, 2011 at 5:00pm.
+ Cannabis = 1-gram samples required (approx 3oz total)
+ Hashish = .25gram samples required (min 20 grams)
+ Edibles = non-perishable, single dose samples required

- Upon receipt of entry form, the Competition Committee will contact
entrants to coordinate entry drop-off location and times.

- We do not mandate laboratory testing, but it is strongly recommended
that entrants provide cannabinoid profiling test results of their
submissions with their entry form.

- Each entrant will receive two complementary tickets to the private
Awards Ceremony.

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