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5th week flowering. Is it ready?


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It is some sativa strain wich I actually don't know. From Portugal =)
I was wondering if the thricomes were looking milky enough. What do you think?


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Nope, sorry but you have a ways to go. Wait till the hairs start to dry out and the trichome darken to an amber. They are still a little milky. at least I would wait.


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I agree with Barnacle, looks like your still a month or so out. The pistils are at a very early stage of maturation and if I had to guess, I would accuretly assume the majority of your trich's are still clear. If you can, you should invest in a 30 - 60x scope/magnafying glass / loupe. I purchased one designed for inspecting fraudulent money with a black light and an led with 60x zoom. It works amazing and I can accuretly pin point precise harvest timing by trichome colour.
Hope this helps, cheers.
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