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5x3x3" grow place


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i am from europe and i have planed to build out my old snake cage a grow cabinet this would be my first grow.
so i have a few quations maybe some are not so smart for a few of you but i am a newbee.

first i have a old cage made out of osb what would i like to use i have just to take the glas out and make door on it the build is 5"l x 3" d x 3" h i think that i can just use bulbs because of the hight but maybe have you another option for me who would not cost the world.

another quation is becasue i life in apartment building and maybe neighbors likes gossipe have this to be total stealth no smell no more noise than a pc.
that is whay i would like what for filter i should use and how big and how many fans i have to use for this size maybe twice so much because i have another one above it.

to the plant i think i like to start with a auto fem line like the ww or purple or blue berry also i like the red poine or black cream maybe you have noticed it i am into coloration :).but if you would use better not smelly with also a big yield line please let me know.

i cant wait to get your tipp and to start this little project.
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