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6,800 Plants Found In Greenhouse

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Police took two days to dismantle a marijuana grow operation with close to 7,000 large plants in a greenhouse in rural Pitt Meadows.

The RCMP's crime reduction team entered the property in the 20300 block of Connecting Road, near Sharpe and McKechnie roads at 3 p.m. Saturday and seized 6,855 large marijuana plants.

Cpl. Ryan Schlecker said the growing operation was so large, it took police two days to complete the search warrant.

Police were tipped about the operation, located along a dike, by residents of Pitt Meadows.

Schlecker said there was a strong odour of marijuana.

"It was so strong that people walking along the dikes could smell it."

With several complaints, police quickly established grounds to enter the property. Three men were arrested on site.

Police would not comment on whether the grow op is linked to organized crime.

The City of Pitt Meadows extended a pilot project that targets marijuana grow operations through safety inspection for another six months last week.

Bylaw enforcement officer Leslie Elchuk, who co-ordinates the project, said the city was not alerted to high electricity consumption at the greenhouse.

Out of the 38 files researched by staff during the pilot project, 32 homes were inspected, 17 of which showed signs of an illegal and lucrative marijuana crop.

Elchuk believes the team has had success in wiping out marijuana grow op from residential areas in Pitt Meadows.

She said the team will be discussing what to do in the rural areas at a meeting next week.

The public safety inspection program resumes inspections in the first week of October.

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That sucks. In many jurisdictions, the police can follow in the city inspectors...who don't need a warrant to inspect for building and safety violations. There ought to be a law prohibiting that.
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