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6-Day Sensitization Protocol: Resetting The Tolerance Levels


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Yes it worked well. Now I’m kind of hard into it again but the cold turkey is too much for me when I have been using 3grams or more a day.
Can you better define “hard into it” Reave?


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I couldn't find 10gauge Blunt Tip needles so I bought this pack. If the needles are any smaller then 10gauge it is REALLY hard to drawl up the oil and harder to get into caps so I recommend using a 10gauger or larger. These are what I found on the Zon and they work great, You just have to clean them out each time so you can reuse them
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I just meant into the cannabis again. 3 grams a day. More on weekends I imagine.
How are you consuming the majority of it Reave? We may be able to direct you to modalities that extend the therapeutic window and stretch the plant material much further. I can get significant improvements over smoked flower with products like dust or cob, to mention two unconventional examples.
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