60 Day Lemon Auto

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this is a 60 day lemon auto by DNA genetics its only 13 days old im using basic floragro kit nothing but the 3 kit only on 1st week of fertilizer ph normal regular dwc recirculating system 350w led i got quite a few plants under it i got a broken 600w mh needing to be fixed that will be very soon be posted or that plants will rocket ship for sure but here the 60 lemon auto any info i missed let me know
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so here the scoop people i have added the dwc lemon auto to soil im going to let her veg in soil for about 20-30 day its loving the soil its a small quick plant so i went with the 1 gallon smart pot
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not working lol i wanted it in soil i start them in dwc and switch them to soil i have 13 other plants to display along with probably about 100 other plants by the mouths


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Cool. Seems like a lot of extra work but if it works for you, that’s awesome. Would love to keep seeing some pics of your larger set up and how you do it.
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hi sorry for taking a while to post on this but heres the scoop 1 week in 12/12 under hps no show of any preflowers how ever it should be any day because her under arms are swole heres what she looks like and i swich the light to a VIPARSPECTRA 350w led 16" away
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here are the pictures of her shes doing well some slight signs of flowering but in ultimately nothing yet im thinking around next week its a 60 day strain so very soon im just as impenitent as other to see bud but not rush it and mess up everything ya digggg here she is



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Looking forward to seeing the bloom on that lemon. I've also bin considereding getting a mh light with the leds I was thinking use the my for bloom and the led for veg and bloom


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Prob will show sex at 30 days then another 30 to bloom/bulk
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its a 60 day strain done in 60 days but i think that it will show sex in 4-5 days and flower in time its 100% a female


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Yah I never believe what the packages say 60 days and done no way at least never worked out for me and also how much can it really grow in 60 days. All my plants say 90 days and that any done yet nor close to it