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600 square feet flower room questions


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Hey guys,

I am designing a flowering room for a licensed growing project.

I don't have much experience with weed since it was illegal to grow for me until recently.

But, I wish to build a 600 square feet flowering room and I have questions on the design. The dimensions would be 15'x40' (approx 4.5m x 12m). But before, as per the How to ask for Grow Support threat, a few precisions:

-Strain is medical, will vary but mostly indica
-This will be in flowering stage
-This is indoor
-This is in soil media
-8 x 1000W HID lights
-The room will have the proper cooling/heating/humidity

My questions are:

-How can I maximize such space for flowering ? Would a SCROG or SOG be preferable ?
-How would you design the room ? Does two rows of 40 plants sounds good ?
-Is 8kw of HID enough for flowering or should I increase ?

Thanks a lot in advance (a lot of talented people here) :p


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Just about every legal MMJ commercial grow out that I have seen here pretty much does SOG. They setup a clone station and continuously clone, cut, flip. I have been thinking how to commercialize ScroG's but there is alot of labor involved in that style of grow and wouldn't be cost effective if you had to pay someone to help maintain it. It increases yield but if you are using 1000 watt lights it is not the best for Scrog. Usually used to spread out plants under smaller lights (400,600) that don't have the penetration that a 1000 has.


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Thank you.

I know this is a though question: but what is the typical yield for SOG ? Let say in grams / (ft^2 * Watts)

I was thinking about only 1 week for veg.


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Hi CO Finest,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I was thinking about doing two rows of plants in that room. So let say one row is approx 4'x30', that would make 6kw per row.

I will modify my design, thank you.
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