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600W/1200W - Kalashnikova - Vanilla Kush - Soil - Scrog


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Hi guys, I am in my 5th week of veg on my first grow ever (let alone scrog)--just giving some time for two plants to catch up (both are a different strain; one was affected by heat, and the other is a week or two behind the rest--I forget exactly), and am thinking about flipping to 12/12 soon.

I am growing 8 Kalashnikova and two Vanilla Kush. The Kalashnikova is far better in scrog than the Kush, grow much faster and are more heat-resistant. I will not be growing the Kush again in the future--regardless of how it burns. I had a couple of incidents with stupidly high heat in the grow room, but have learnt from these mistakes, and won't let it happen next time (which will be in Autumn/Winter, anyway, so shouldn't be a problem). Right now, it gets to about 27/28°C during the day, and sits steadily at 24°C at night. Of course, I am using a 24-hour light schedule (I, honestly, don't know why anyone would use 18/6 unless they were dealing with stupid-high heat). I am using a 600W MH bulb ATM in a 6" cool tube about 20" from the plants--I tried 16", but the plants started to freak out, so I think those 4 extra inches acts as a nice buffer. I started at 36", when the plants were seedlings and lowered bit by bit with time. I will be adding another cool tube with 2 x 600W HPS bulbs for flowering. I am using a 6" exhaust fan with a passive intake. I have a tower fan blowing through the intake ATM--because of the scrog--but had it in there, before I put the screen in. I need to buy a wall-mounted fan, TBH.

My grow box is 4' x 4' x 6'.

I have a bunch of pictures of the entire grow which I'll post below. Hope to get some suggestions/insight--I know I have had a couple of deficiencies! Two of my plants have shown some discolouration on the leaves; one was growing slower than the rest, but the other seemed just as vigorous in growth as the best ones (whilst still being discoloured). I, eventually, gave them some powdered iron/manganese/magnesium in their waterings, and they are slowly turning back to one colour. One plant looked like it had a slightly different deficiency and slow growth with small, thinner leaves than the rest. I put it in the middle of the scrog, and will see how it turns out in flower. As of today, the plant in the top-left of my scrog has gone a little light green. I gave her some nutes, and will see how she pans out. I have been using Tomorite for nutes. Next time, I will be buying better nutes and soil; there are a few different soils going on in there which was merely accidental (will make sure to buy enough of one type next time). I have been using mineral water which has a low amount of sodium in it (I know, I know!), but has a pH of 6.7--the best pH I could find in bottled water where I live (some were, like, 7.8!).

When do you think I should flip to 12/12? I think the screen is filling out nicely, and the strongest plants have 3-5 bud sites poking through the screen. Don't want it to get too hectic in there! I guess I need the lower bud sites to get close to the screen, at least, so they don't end up under the screen by the end of stretch.

As I am approaching 12/12, can anyone give me some tips on making light boxes that actually work (mine is a shoe box ATM--jokes)? I am just going to seal any holes with a couple of layers of black duck tape.


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Re: First Scrog Ever










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Re: First Scrog Ever

A couple of tips I'll give first-time growers are: Don't follow what people online say about MH and HPS light distances. I have found that the classic 16" distance is too close. You want to start far away, and move in 2" at a time until you get to a point where you notice heat/light stress and/or the plants slow down in growth. Sometimes, people just repeat what others have said, and it is definitely not a hard-and-fast rule. Always buy sound-insulated ducting--especially if you are growing in a shared house like I am! Always buy a cool tube over a classic reflector. The heat build-up from a classic reflector is immense, and caused me problems at the start of the grow. In hindsight, the screen being 8" away from the soil is too low for me to get under there to prune (which I plan to start doing at 12/12). I will make sure it is at the lowest height I can get it, whilst still being able to get under it, next time.

And, finally, the best insight I can give you: The most difficult and stressful part of the whole grow, I think, is buying all the materials you need. My advice would be to save up all the money you need first, and buy it all at once. Jesus, I wish I had! :16:

After all that I've learnt (and am still learning), I think I will boss my next grow--faster growing and stronger plants!

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Re: 600W/1200W Kalashnikova/Vanilla Kush Scrog

Outstanding thread you got going. Love the sog. I think you are going to be real happy with your yield with running a sog. I wish you the best.


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Re: 600W/1200W Kalashnikova/Vanilla Kush Scrog

(I take you meant scrog, not sog, CO Finest. :1:) Thanks a lot! Hoping for 30 ounces overall from 10 plants. Once I get the two 600W HPS bulbs in there, I think things will really kick off!

Thanks, Jjlow. It's some plastic plant running net I got from Wilkinson! It has 2" holes.

What are you thoughts on flipping? The last image is where it's at ATM. Gonna let it fill in a tad more, I think...

What about trimming lower leaves? I have read a lot of conflicting ideas on the subject. Some people say never trim in veg; some say you should start with a couple of leaves a day in the last week or so of veg. I trimmed the very lowest two leaves off each so far, but have been scared to do any more! :16:

What are your thoughts on the deficiencies I have had? TBH, it all started after one day coming home to 40°C+ temps! I had stupidly left the fan on the low setting all day, and was using a classic reflector at the time and not a cool tube. The iron/manganese/magnesium powder has really helped--it literally took a couple of hours, and the leaves were going solid, dark green! :) Dunno if that was even the issue, but it seemed to help! I have to confess: I have not once checked the pH! I think most of the soil is pH 7, and my water is pH 6.7, so I have thought, even if the Tomorite is quite low in pH, the waterings in between feeds would balance it out. Is that some stupid shit I've just said? :9:

I feel, compared to others, 4 weeks and two days of veg should have produced bigger plants. I'm sure it was just all the early cock-ups; next time, it should go a lot smoother.

I, also, have a few fungus gnats (nowhere near an infestation yet), I think, which are flying about/in the top soil. Payday tomorrow, so will go get some fly traps!


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I know you have ~3000 posts, but I am pretty sure that's incorrect. A scrog is as many plants as you like under a screen, so long as you train them all properly underneath it, and then allow the colas to come through the screen ~8-10". SOG is when you have lots of plants crammed into a room in small pots, and you just let them do their thing with no screen.

Of course, if you don't train them properly under the screen, it's not really scrog but just SOG with a support frame.


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Update: The plant in the top-left corner has gotten worse--it's pretty much slowed to a crawl, and it's looking yellow all over! :helpsmilie: I think it's just classic over-watering. Will let it dry out completely and see what happens. Kinda annoying, as it was growing well before, and should have filled in that corner of the screen nicely. Something is definitely locking out nitrogen, but the slowed growth indicates problems at root level, too. It's either water or pH, but I flushed it a little last night, and it's gotten worse, so much be over-watering.

I forgot to mention I FIMed the three strongest plants, and each of those now have, at least, 6 bus sites coming through the screen! :1: Just need to wait till my flatmate fucks off/later in the morning, so I can put music on, and I'll get in there and rearrange them! Think I'll let that pot dry out, see if it helps, then flip to 12/12! Otherwise, it's gonna get messy in there, haha!


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As you can see, the one next to it (on the right) is greener and dominating it in size! Gawd, I hope it sorts itself out! The little mark on the leaf at the top of the plant is light burn. That was from following everyone's 16" rule. :reading420magazine:

Some of the plants have got holes/tears in the new leaf growth, and I know it's the light being too close, as it's all directly nearest the light! All the new bud sites off to the side--away from the light a bit--are fine! Since I moved the light up, new growth is coming in fine. You can read, and read, and read--believe me: That's all I've been doing--but still not come across these issues from others online!



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These were about a week ago.



These were yesterday morning. Some are starting to grow bud sites with hairs. :1: That's light burn on some of the middle plants. I raised the lights up a bit, as adding another 600W really raised the temps a bit! I haven't been able to afford another cool tube yet, so the temps have been around 32C (90F) with lights on. A lot lower in the day with lights off. When I get the other cool tube, it should drop under 30C, I think. I need to get under there and really trim the undergrowth; I've only done a bit up until now. Hopefully, next pics you see will have the undergrowth completely trimmed, and I'll get rid of those burnt leaves, too. :1:





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Next grow:

Have all equipment bought and set up beforehand.
(Because we'll have all the cool tubes.) Maintain temps under 30C.
Buy a large wall fan for each grow box.
16 plants in each.
Start plants off in the large pots from the start.
Trim undergrowth of ScrOG sooner.
Buy better nutrients and micro nutrients in separate bottles, if needs be.
Buy pH up and down plus pH test papers.
Stick to a more regimented, less-frequent feeding schedule.
Really try and make sure all plants are of equal quality during veg.


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I think the Kalashnikova will definitely harvest at around 8 weeks, as lots of the hairs are brown now. The Vanilla Kush might need up to a week longer, IMO. I have started to pluck fan leaves/cut leaves in half here and there, that are blocking light to some of the bud sites. The buds are really starting to fatten up, and I know you can't really see through the leaves in some of these pics, but each bud site are looking well over a Q each; I'm thinking some of these will pull in over 3 ounces each. Some of the plants have been affected by light burn/heat stress, and they have yellow, dry leaves at the top of the canopy. I think these plants were just the weakest ones--they haven't produced much bud yet, either--as the others have faired well. I will try and correct problems in veg in my next grows.








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