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600w / 400v bulbs & ballasts

Fuzzy Duck

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As the title suggests has anybody tried these new ballast or bulbs yet ?

One such ballast.

The Maxibright Promax Gold 600W is a 240v/400v dimmable ballast that can operate 600W lamps at the following outputs: 400W, 500W, 600W and 660W boost. It can also operate 400W lamps on the 400W setting.

It can run both metal halide and HPS/dual spectrum on both 240v and 400v and although there currently isn't a 600W metal halide lamp on the market - when they do become available this ballast will be able to run them.


The Lumatek Ultimate Professional 600 watt 400 volt Digital Ballast & Bulb gives you all the great benefits of the standard Lumatek digital range such as low energy consumption, super lumens to raise your lamp output and dimmable options to vary the light output but they are also one of only a few ballasts designed to run professional level 400 Volt horticultural grow lamps.
The 600w Lumatek Ultimate Pro is for use with professional 400 Volt horticultural lamps but will also run standard 240 volt lamps allowing you to use a combination of standard 240 watts metal halide/dual spectrum/flowering bulbs if you wish.

Sounds very interesting to me with an increased PAR out put with the use of 400v bulb types.

Fuzzy Duck

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Ye been looking at other source's of info...

These 400v commercial style of bulbs used in green house's for mass plant production in horticulture only give out at best a 10% PAR increase with only a few % worth of growth/yield at best !

More likely not worth the extra cost for a percy thrower aka personal grower ?


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Ugh I have some standard lumatek 600w runs off 120/240. I want to get into this double,ended technology but I'm still somewhat unsure. From what I gather my digi ballasts can run certain new DE bulbs but they aren't ass good as the gavita 400v 2100umol bulbs? Indeed for small growers this new technology isn't as friendly for short standard 8' ceilings.

Fuzzy Duck

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Mmm gavita 400v 2100umol i'm pretty sure that is their 1000w version but ye that is a lot of umol !

Most of 600w, 400v seem to run around 1100 to 1200 umol & not to much of difference in a standard hps 600w bulb to be worth the cost.

But most come as a standard fitting... not sure about DE bulbs tho assume double ended.

But ye i'm lumatek digi ballast 240v / 400w man at present using their own bulb range... so just playing with the idea on moving to 600w for increased umol for better yield & in theory i should be able to nearly double my harvest with an increase of umol/par if environmental conditions are in order.
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