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600w hps


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hello all... i have a 600w hps will that be enough for a room thats 6'8 by 6'8 by 6' tall i'll have mylar on the walls. or will i need a 1000w?



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I would add a second 600w hps.You will be able to keep the lights closer,have more lighting area and lower energy cost then a single 1000w hps


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Well, I try to turn off everything I used to run all night long. Printers(even on standby they use a buch of juice), all the lights, computers, anything that was on at night before. That will help offset the increased usage with the lights.


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You could also stagger the time the lights go on and off.For example have only the 600w come on at 12 pm,at 1 pm have the 400w come on.Then at 11 pm have the 600w go off and then at 12 am have the 400w go off.


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thats plenty but you can never have enough light, right now im using two 75 watts hps lights in a 3x3x4 area. with 6 plants and its working nicely i have aluminum foil on the walls and it works just as good as mylar. hopefully i will be updating to a bigger light soon!
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