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600W LED, First Grow, Soil, Auto OG Kush & Auto Blue Mazar, Stoned Henge


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Hello everybody,
Welcome to my first grow journal! This is my second time growing, my first time growing resulted in a little under a quarter ounce off two white widows autoflowers. The small yield was a little disappointing but growing was a great learning curve and im ready to start again. Hopefully some experienced growers will see my slightly deceiving title and will want to give a newbie a helping hand.

A few days ago I started germinating some new beans, I placed them in water for 24 hours followed by 48 hours in damp paper towel. This left me with 100% germination rate of the 4 beans all with nice long tap roots sorry i forgot to get picture before putting them in soil. Some information on the breeders and strains follows

1 Blue Auto Mazar from Dutch Passion
Hybrid 75% Indica 25% Sativa
Height: Short

2 OG Kush Autos from Dinafem
Hybrid unsure on percentages but pretty sure it has more sativa than the blue auto mazar.
Height: Tall

1 Stoned Henge from High Altitude Seed House.
Indica Heavy Hybrid

I prepared my soil 24 hours before planting. I mixed together a mixture of 70% yates potting mix with 30% perlite I then chucked into this mixture two handfuls of organic compost. I mixed this all together well then filled up my pots. Unfortunately my hardware store only labeled these pots as 175mm tall pots im guessing they are about 2 gallons. I filled these pots full, only leaving about a 5mm lip at the top. I did this as i had a problem with pests in my last grow and read that filling pots up to the top allows you're fan to blow away some small insects such as thrips. More talk about pests later on if they become a problem during the grow.

I soaked these pots with tap water PH'd to 6.5 and checked the PH of the run off guess what it was also 6.5... too good to be true?

Anyhow i put the beans in the soil by poking a hole in the soil with my finger, placing the seed in the hole and only sprinkling a small amount of soil on top. I also made each pot a humidity dome for the first few days to a week. They are under CFLs for the first few days of germination with the light cycle of 18 on and 6 off.

I monitored the conditions after this pic and the temps slowly creeped up to 90 so i had to raise the lights about 6" this had brought the temps to about 85 which is still abit to high for my liking but what can you do on a budget :S

I presume the initial soaking of the soil should provide enough water for the plants for at least a week. So for now its just a waiting game trying to control humidity and temperature to the best of my ability. After a couple days/week i will be swapping out the CFLs to my 600w Chinese LED.

Feel free to sub and join me for this grow I will try to keep it as active as possible,
until next time.


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Thanks for joining me Alien,
something interesting actually happened with one of my OG Kush's. 24 hours after placing my seeds in the soil all 4 where above soil with their seed casings on the ground beside them, to my surprise one of the OG kushes had 3 leaves instead of the regular two. After a quick google search I learned they are called tri-leaves, a uncommon mutation that basically causes 1/3 more branching. Its definitely my favourite out of them all followed by the vibrant stoned henge, its leaves are a much brighter green then the autos. No clue if its because its a photo or just because its a different strain.

today, day 3 above soil I switched out the CFL's for the LED its currently sitting 20.5" above the plants. Heres the girls and the new set up.

Tri-leaf Autoflowering OG Kush:

Autoflowering OG Kush:

Autoflowering blue mazar:

And the vibrant stoned henge:

Any advice on when I should remove the humidity domes would be great. Also dont have much of an idea of how many days i should wait before lowing the light and by how far.



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OK guys so today is day 6.
The day after adding the LED the blue auto mazar showed some slight light burn. I was sure she was just being a wuss and didn't bother raising the light for her as all the others where still going well. thankfully shes bounced back fine.
On day 5 I added a circulating fan and a homemade CO2 generator, I also removed the humidity domes but try to keep humidity in order by misting once or twice a day.

The girls seemed to have responded really well to the changed conditions including the blue auto mazar. Heres their day 6 update.

first the tri-leaf og kush, if you look closely shes growing her next set of leaves as are all the other girls

The other og kush's leafs are growing slightly distorted i am hoping she will get over it shortly.

Blue auto mazar, as you can see her slight light burn hasn't slowed her down abit.

And the Stoned Henge, her leaves seem much lighter and thinner than the other plants, will be interesting to see how she grows

Still haven't watered the girls, im presuming the soil will dry out over the next few days now their humidity domes are off plus the oscillating fan is on them.

Guy Cavallero

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Girls are looking great, love the trileaf LOL. You don't see that too often. I've got some ATF that are about the same age, I'll sub in keep an eye on growth as a comparison. You're not misting your girls with lights on are you?.


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heya friend,, gettin er done i see,, karma sent,,

a suggestion only,, watch for overwatering,, especially with a dome overtop,, the plants might be lookin a bit stunted perhaps,,

these plants don't like 'any' change in a hurry,, if possible, ease them into changes, even if just a bit

cheers to you friend


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Thanks for the advice all,
Today is day 11, the photos taken below where taken on day 10

trilieaf og kush

og kush with funky leafs

Blue Auto Mazar or BAM for short:

Stoned Henge groing her first 3 fingered leaf

Anyway after taking these pics i mixed together some water and light feeding for this girls. tap water with 1/4 dose of maxicrop seaweed with 1/4 dose of neutrog gogo juice pH to 6.1. Let it sit overnight and tested pH again this morning before feeding and it was 6.5 hopefully it was fairly stable at this point and it fed it to the girls. The tap waters ppm is 250 after adding seaweed extract and gogo juice the ppm was 340 indicating the stuff i added was only a strength of 90ppm? lets hope they take well to it


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Also this was their first watering i see that lots of people water every day but it took the girls untill day 11 to have a crispy surface soil and dryish subsoil.
Take whatever I say with a pound of salt but it sounds like your doing great. I switched to coco, for one reason,that I was overwatering and from what I've seen your doing perfect for soil. It seems soil you have to be patient.


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600W LED - First Grow - Soil - Auto OG Kush & Auto Blue Mazar - Stoned Henge

Watering in soil everyday would be a bad idea! Maybe I'm flower when they start suckin up a lot of water!


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Hey a fellow new auto grower!

I love the Tri leaf, and am actually quite jelly!

One mistake I made that results in a much lower yield is not planting the beans in their forever pots. I transplanted mine within the first week to a 5 gallon bucket on the advice of some more experienced auto growers. I'm not sure which size you're wanting to finish in, so if I have stuck my foot in my mouth, I apologize.

Stoked to follow along!


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Okay everyone thanks for the input I really appreciate everyones comments.

These are the pots i am planning on finishing the autos in, ill probably transplant the stoned henge photo later on if it gets big enough.

I think i have a problem with the ladies. They seem small from what I can gather and considering my last autos flowered on day 21 they only have a short period of veg left, a week or two? Im starting to think they are stunted from what i see on other people grows theirs are much larger at this age (day 14). Im starting to think they may have a cal-mag problem due to their small size, and slight leaf symptoms. (look at trileaf round baby leafs they are discoloured, also look at the tips of the blue auto mazar (bam)). Also the stems of the plants look fairly white and more purple coming up towards the leafs, maybe they are just hungry? Or maybe im just worring to much?
anyway i purchased some cal-mag online that should be here within a week.

Also is it now time to drop the lights lower again? they are still at about 21 inches above the plants. Should i feed the plants in the next couple days i have advanced nutrients veg and bloom, and powerfeed for tomatoes.

At least the girls are very interesting to look at. they're still growing just slowly....

trileaf og kush

og kush


stoned henge


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This photo was to show the height of them and their stems.

*cfls are only their for the photo they are still under 600w led**
That trileaf plant is awesome! Now that's what I call kush with character x') Haha jk, I'm subbed in!


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hey guys so things haven't been going good. They seem to have a nutrient deficiency or are stunted. All leaves are getting yellow tips.

on day 23 i gave the girls their 3rd watering of 1/4 strength cal mag and 1/4 advanced nutrients Grow Ph'd to 6.5.

I think my light might be the thing letting me down so i moved the OG kush outside to see if thats the issue.

Blue auto mazar is doing the best out of them all.


Og that was moved outside

Bam the strongest looking of the bunch

Stoned henge


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Try dropping your ph to about 5.8
Then measure the ph at run off ... hopefully around 6
What is your temp and humidity?
This is one of my plants at 20 days
They had their first feeding of quano tea
Yours are beautiful i wish i could get my girls to that size in 20 days. maybe one dayy..

Okay ill give them a water soon as they haven't been watered in a week.

i dont have a means of measuring humidity but I have a cup of water next to passive intake hole and circulating fan. Temps are sitting at 85-90 during the day and 80-85 during the night. I know this is on the high end but i also have two homemade co2 generators in the grow room.

Tio Hector

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Try lowering the temp, 85 / 86 max if possible
I believe environment is most important.
I personally try to keep my environment as stable as possible
Floor temp in mid 70’s (that’s where my fresh air comes in) temp around the leaves between 80 - 85
Humidity around 59%
My lights are currently 24” from the top of the plants (I’m running LED)

What is the temp at the top of your plants?
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