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this one was written with Smokin.Moose and his kind words in mind.

at one time, i wasnt very kind,
then i hit, a different state of mind.
things that are good, and things that are bad.
every experience, i want to have.
i am given a chance, many do not get at all.
to be me, say thanx, good bye, before i fall.
i wish the world was this way,
and not be cruel, just cuz they dont know their last day.
i have been beat, battered, and bruised with no kooth
i have been loved, helped, and smiled at with pure truth.
every day i smile, not one day ill feel blue
just because of kind people like you.
something as simple as a kind gesture,
makes my own kindness sit and fester.
then let loose in a giant smile
your kindness will take you many miles


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I like it, but what I want to encourage you to do is not worry so much about rhyme. You can force it very easily if you are focused on rhyme and it takes away from your poem. Remember that rhyming was first stumbled upon in order to keep an audience's attention, but presently it's more of a stumbling block for inspiring poets because it restricts your lines both in meaning and structure.
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