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7 1/2 foot tall sativa


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hi im new here and just wanted the more experienced growers advice on how my plant looks and the conditions...

What Strain is it?--- sativa dom i believe not sure of the strain though

How Many Plants?--- 1 plant

Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage?--- flowering stage week 4

If in Flowering Stage... How Long?--- 4 weeks

Indoor or Outdoor?--- outdoor

Soil or Hydro?--- soil

If Soil... What is in your Mix?--- mother earth, im thinking that a seed in the stuff i buy ( if there was one) was thrown out or dropped and it started growing beginning of may ( surprise grow lol )

If Soil... What Size Pot?--- no pot in the ground naturally

Size (Wattage) of Light? How Many?--- the sun

Is it Air Cooled?--- by the wind

Temperature of Room/Cabinet?--- temperature at range this month is high in the 80's and low in the upper 50's at night

RH of Room/Cabinet?--- never the same day to day

PH of Medium or Reservoir?--- well water let out for a day to evaporate impurities

Any Pests?--- none so far that i know of

How Often are you Watering?--- 2 to 3 times a week ( on a 1 week flush at the moment )

Type and Strength of Fertilizers used?--- 1/2 - 3/4 tea spoon of fox farm tiger bloom per 2 gallons of water

Size or Square Footage of Room?--- all the room in the world

problems: none that im aware of but this is my first grow. sativa is 7 1/2 feet tall at the moment and has 5 main branches coming off the stalk about 1 foot from the ground so im guessing it should have 5 main tops???
lots of secondary branches ranging from 1 to 2 feet in length as you can see and tons of flowers all over.

never been pinched, topped, LST'd nothing just left to grow with a close eye for any problems. please tell me your thoughts, concerns, comments, thanks in advance for any comments or help:thanks::420:



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Hey there welcome to the site. How many months did it have in veg? Pretty good for your first attempt.

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She looks nice. I like a fish emulsion/kelp mix and some molasses on flowering girls. Cost for both around here is about $15-$20. It seems to work better for me than The Fox Farm line up. That being said I have never had a 7 and a half foot tall girl before or any outside. Good luck with her.


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ill have to check into those.. i completely forgot my most important question of all about her if you look at the full pic of her the leaves on the bottom 3 feet are wide like an indica almost.... just wondering if it looks like it might have some indica in it or if it looks purely sativa.
mainly asking this question because i would love it if it did have some indica in it as if the flowering time goes any longer than 12 weeks i might have to harvest her earlier than i should, basically because mid october is the latest i can go with the weather where im at.... any thoughts would be awesome thanks everyone--- butters6906


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Nice photo op. What kind of harvest do you think you will get? you have just the 1 right?


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Butters, That is a beautiful plant!! And what luck that it was a volunteer!! Looks like she picked the perfect place to plant herself so she did not get mowed down. It is hard to tell how much indica is in her but she probable has a little. Have you thought about taking a clone from her?? Good luck with her.


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Well a hemp plant would have some tricomes but I believe it isnt nearly as much as a regular one. In the matter of being able to tell you thats what you got there I couldnt. I dont feel it is a hemp plant because you would have to smoke a field of hemp to get a light buzz and this has enough trichs that this 1 plant will get you high. It doesnt look killer but so what its your first plant. Im not judging at least you will have smoke. Come on by my new journal if you would like. My first journal is done and has tons of tips for beginner growers and this journal I go into more detail. Hope to see you there.
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