7 Absolutely Necessary Tips For New Cannabis Entrepreneurs

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It is your time. The cannabis industry is booming, the green rush is thriving forward and you want your piece of this marijuana-laced pie–-and that you should. Here's the thing, though–-as exciting as it is to have the space and opportunity to embark on a canna-journey there are also some entrepreneurial realities you need to couple with your big, lucrative industry dreams.

Below you will find absolutely necessary tips on how to realistic launch this quest into the new frontier of cannabusiness. Read and take heed.

1. Use What You Have to Get What You Want

Stop asking what you need to do to get into the industry. You're already doing it right now! That job you have, those skills you've acquired, those needs you so adequately meet, the idea you've been pondering - THAT's what you do to get into cannabiz.

Try not to overthink it. You're already fully equipped for the cannabis industry you just have to DO. Take a step, any step, and keep stepping until you find yourself headed in the right direction. Write down your plan, send an email, follow those in your industry on social media, sign up for newsletters, check out local canna-events, submerge yourself and flourish.

2. Set realistic goals

We're all, admittedly, wide-eyed when entering the canna-space. How could we not be?! We're embarking on a new terrain and the possibilities are seemingly endless. That being said, set your goals, aim as high as you can, see that pie in the sky then throw 3 cans of real life shit on top of it for added flavor.

Yes, you can do exactly what you set out to do, yes, you're going to scale, sell and glitter at the top, yes, it'll all be worth it, but no, it won't be instant, and it damn sure won't be easy.

Entrepreneurship, as I'm actively learning, is hard, tedious, emotional work that ain't for the unrealistic or faint of heart. It's doubt, it's fear, it's perseverance, it's hope, it's doubt some more, a little more fear and it's get it done anyway. Couple that with a new industry that lacks a standing blueprint on how to succeed and you've got a bit of a terrain to navigate.

No worries, though. You got this.

3. Build the Best Team Your Likeability Can Buy

Listen - I mean what I'm about to say here and I have to tell you that I mean it so you know it's real. You are nothing - absolutely nothing - without a strong team. Put together a disruptive team of doers who can undoubtedly bring the vision to light.

Be sure that your team is equipped with those who counter your weaknesses, flow along the wavelength of your moral compass, support the mission, have the same endgame in mind, share your passion and, most importantly, who your gut agrees with.

Yes, you can be a movement by yourself, but, dammit, you're a force when you're together.

4. Trust the process

This is one that I've been struggling with a bit but I'm really starting to get it now. It's all a process and in order to groove with this process, trust is imperative. Know that you haven't come this far to be dropped off.

Know that it will all make sense in hindsight. Know that setbacks are necessary for steps forward, expect ebbs and flows, expect tension, arguments, tears, and success. Expect all of it and trust that when it happens it's all for the greater good of the mission. Find all the peace you need in this trust.

5. Try, fail, try.

You know that awesome, undeniable, impenetrable idea you have for that thing? Guess what, it'll possibly fail and not go even remotely as planned. Be okay with that. Move forward. Prosper.

6. Stand still.

After you've moved for a little while, take a moment to stand still. I heavily encourage this as I haven't stood still all year and I'm afraid that this all will be a blur as a result. Allow yourself time to reflect. Be in a moment that isn't reactionary, contrived, anticipated or analyzed. Just be...whatever that means to you.

In those moments of being offer yourself pats on the back. Breathe and check out what was and what is as this can often inform what will be. Give thanks, be still and know.

7. Woo-sah

I'm chuckling because I see you, I know what you're going through and I know exactly how it feels. My ultimate tip? Woo-sah. Fire one up, gain some added perspective, know that you got this, and chill.

The fact that you're even here states your intention. The rest is just details. You're here because this is exactly where you're supposed to be the only next step is toward the top.

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