7 Tons Confiscated in Houston


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Houston police, working on an anonymous tip, seized more than 7 tons of marijuana and charged a truck driver with drug trafficking.

Harris County, Texas, Sheriff's deputies said the suspect was driving from a warehouse at night but with the vehicle's headlights off, the Houston Chronicle reported Friday.

They searched the truck and allegedly found a small amount of cocaine and marijuana. An additional 502 bundles of marijuana were found in wooden crates in the warehouse, police said. Officials estimated the confiscated drugs have an street value of $25 million to $40 million.

"I've never seen a load of marijuana as big as this," Harris County Sheriff's Lt. J.D. Glesmann told the Chronicle.

"They were probably going to break it down into smaller loads and then transport them, probably through Atlanta, and to the East Coast," said Stan Furce, a former Drug Enforcement Administration agent and current head of the High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area office in Houston.



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Anyone for some Mexican Bud? Can not the United States of America produce this instead of the Southern Sisters? 7 tons... How did it get into Houston in the 1st place? Inquiring minds want to know.
The dark environment around us and the hidta suggests that this was bound to go East / South East, and their source? Again, If I were the hidta I would be asking myself how the hell 7 tons made it into US soil without being detected & known. I wonder who was payed off to let this one slip thru..
However, this is a good case in point that the United States of America and each of the respective 50 states should move forward on the overall Taxation & Regulation of Marijuana. The United States Federal Government should propose and change regulation to impose a mandatory Taxation upon any Marijuana entering the USA, from a FOREIGN country. Maybe these extra tax dollars can bail out the financial situation of the United States and how the current administration has put the economy in such a tailspin.


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1/4 ounce here, a bud there, pretty soon you're talking real marijuana!

Since I have no firsthand knowledge of how it got there I'd have to play the odds and say on the wings of bribery. "No Fido, your toy is not in that truck!"

BTW, wtf are you talking about, economy in a 'tailspin'? Quit listening to alarmists, they have no clue.
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