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8,900 Marijuana Plants Found Near The Dalles

Jim Finnel

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THE DALLES, Ore. -- State troopers uncovered a large-scale outdoor marijuana growing operation near The Dalles this week, police said Thursday.

Authorities said they seized 8,900 marijuana plants, which had an estimated value of nearly $9 million if they were allowed to mature to the point of being harvested.

On Monday, troopers with the Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division said they were investigating an unrelated incident when they spotted two men who appeared to be guarding an area.

The men ran from the troopers, and one was chased down and arrested, according to police.

The officers then followed foot tracks down a steep ravine, where they said they found hundreds of marijuana plants that were being watered with a sophisticated watering system. There was also a camp site with food, stoves, propane tanks and guns, according to police.

Authorities then followed up on the investigation Tuesday, when they uncovered several hundred more plants. They said four areas of the forest had been cleared to grow marijuana.

Luis Sandaval, 34, who was one of the men accused of running from police, was arrested on several charges in connection with the marijuana-growing operation. He is being held at the North Oregon Regional Correctional Facility.

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