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8 Beans DP Auto Ultimate - Soilless


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Decided to start a journal , it should help me and entertain others... a win-win situation :)

What strain is it?-------------------------------------- Auto Ultimate from Dutch Passion
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?-- Hybrid
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? ------------------------- Just soaked the beans in a cup

Indoor or outdoor?------------------------------------Indoor
Soil or Hydro?-----------------------------------------Not soil , I could go RDWC or COCO or Wylmas

Size of light?-------------------------------------------2X600HPS (flower ) , 1x400MH+mars hydro 200w( veg) and some cfl's for seedlings

Is it aircooled?-----------------------------------------Not
Temp of Room/cab?-----------------------------------~25 celsius
RH of Room/cab?-------------------------------------- where it needs to be mostly.
PH of media or res?----------------------------------- 5.5>6.2
Any Pests ?--------------------------------------------beter not
How often are you watering?-------------------------to be determined
Type and strength of ferts used----------------------GH flora series , as much as they want, less is definitely not more, canna rhyzotronic and some cal-mag if needed .

Very hard tap water , EC 0.64 , PH 8.2 , using hard water Micro GH
Some sort of filtration or RO will be installed at one point but not in the beginning .
All this in a homeLab 4x8 tent


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Ok so all 8 girls are going well , I made an intermediary dwc , like a bbl cloner but for ~2 weeks or so , more than that and the roots will get tangled .

This should give me enough time to make some money for the RDWC build

Ph'ing the solution with trace amounts of nutes inside was a pita, pizza got cold ... ofc misus got upset all hell broke loose , don't get it why , it was my pizza.


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This is a very active community, I notice people like to congregate around certain threads. You have lots of lurkers about 225 view and your still on page 1 of your journal keep it up.


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Thanks bro !

I'm super excited right now , I just raped the credit card ... wanted one mh bulb and ended up with a whole lot of other junk .

Now , if anyone wants to jump in the rdwc madness .. the way I designed my sistem is not exactly perfect , totes are too big and water return is too small and thru the totes .
I think a much better design would be with a big collector pipe/manifold that runs next to the totes and to the outside res . I mean something like 70-80 mm shower drains in every tote connecting in a 150-200mm drain pipe manifold that would connect to the res , and then feed the totes with a much smaller manifold from the res , a 4-5k L/h pomp will do .
This should make mixing and ph-ing faster .
Another problem I can see is the last tote has a bit higher water level , about 1cm higher than the others , don't think plants will mind though.


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Just subbed. Looks like a fun grow. I am currently growing in Coco (first try) and have at least 2 DP Auto-Ultimate planted but not sprouted after 6 day. I dropped another 2 this afternoon and think I will keep them germinating a little longer.

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