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8 Beans DP Auto Ultimate - Soilless


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I'll juice some calmag in tomorrow with the res change .

I was worried I will not fill the 4x8ft tent with 8 autos ... wroooong it's full and lamps are at the top. I really need to get better and start defoliating things are out of control , now I have to move the mothers out of the tent cause they don't get any light and they got big also :)


Grow Journal of the Month: Mar 2018
so as I was afraid ... damn plants made me find a job and yesterday morning I was informed I'm getting a divorce . first week at a new job and ...

Harvested what I could yesterday .. culled down the 2 monsters that were just mid flower .
I didn't have the mindset to trim all day long so
yikes ... im sorry to hear ...
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