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8 day seedling, brown spots and looking unwell


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My seedling sprouted about 8 days ago and is not looking very happy. Haven't been given any nutes yet, is in rockwool. Under a 40w cfl until i can pop under my 1000w hps light. Any ideas what the problem could be?


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As the girls absorb nutrient ions, they give off ions in return. When a plant absorbs potassium ions, it gives off hydrogen ions in return. Hydrogen ions are acidic and result in a lowering of the pH. On the other hand, a plant gives off hydroxyl ions when it absorbs nitrogen ions, resulting in a rise of pH. I would say your girl has a low ph issue, due to my cloning efforts with rockwool and clones inserted with any substrate containing peat. Best solution (according to appearance) would be To flush and adjust ph accordingly.
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