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8 Foot Wide Haze, Organic LED Grow


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Hey, everyone, Happy 420. Me and the wife started a new grow. This Critical Haze vegged for 100 days while we grew some autos. Now she is in flower. This is DAY 1. This is an organic living coco grow.


Lights: Perfect Sun Max Yield and Perfect Sun Mega. 650w and 540w. -- Max Yield has a slightly higher average par than a 1000w DE Gavita, and Mega slighty higher than 1000w hps.

Medium: Coco and chunky perlite in a 14 liter fabric pot.

Nutrients: Organic. Liquid fish and seaweed. That is pretty much it plus calmag. But also using DTE rootzone. Check out my video on how we do Living Coco hydroponics -

Feeding: Fed daily until run-off. PH 5.8 to 6.0.

Here is the video for day one.


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