818 Headband x Grand Daddy Purple

Here's a flower from the bigger 818GDP:


It's the plant on the right in this pic:

Hmmmm can't download pics for some reason. :scratchinghead: Well both of these are in separate units now; the smaller one is under a 600 watt HPS and the larger one is under a different 400 watt HPS. I'll be feeding them again soon.

Did you get a message saying contact the System Administrator or something? I had this happen to me yesterday. None of the photos in my galleries were available either.
It wasn't overfed :straightface: Both plants are fried a bit, but they'll live. What happened was that most of the plants I used the last batch of compost tea on got leaf burn, so I thought about it and checked my pH meter with 7.0 buffer solution. It read 8.2, so I'm going to get me some distilled water and recalibrate it again before I do another tea. Having to adjust with two capfuls of lemon juice should have raised a red flag with me (the last time it only took about 5-6 drops to change it over a point). There's a solution they give you with the meter to apply to the sponge in the cap to keep the probes moist and I didn't use it. Plus, you're supposed to calibrate it every month; I didn't know that. :scratchinghead:
Hey they sell a premixed 7.0 testing solution I bought me a bottle today along with a new pair of trimming scissors the nerve of that last pair to burst in my hand like that geez the main stem I tried to cut was only 3/4" thick! :tokin:
Here's that other 818GDP; you can see the burned leaves near the top (I'll get a closer pic later):

This one's fried (818GDP under the 400 watt HPS):


I got me the 7.0 mixture to calibrate my pH meter with, and I'll do that once a month from now on. :(
I remember this pheno from before now that I'm seeing the wet spots in the buds (I tried to capture what I was seeing in the pics but couldn't do it). It had what I described as an over ripe mango smell, but after a recent trip to the store I realized that smell is papaya. I won't reveg this one; I don't like it pee yoo! :cough:
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