818 Headband x Grand Daddy Purple

A few more pics of the 818GDP I like:

Well the lemonade bath I gave the roots on both of these pretty much did this grow in :)
I put one of them in the dark and I'm going to do the same to the second one tonight. I'll get them chopped in a day or two and post a few pics I'm not too proud of this mess but it'll smoke..... :straightface:
The first phenotype - 818 Headband x Grand Daddy Purple (400 watt HPS; 10 weeks and 5 days from flip and set at 11.5/12.5):


I've done about 8-10 of these so far and culled all males (unstable). Of the phenos there seem to be these two mainly; this one I remember from before (the flowers are shaped like the head of that snowman in the kids cartoon Froe-zynn):


And this one that I like because of the color; it seems to be a hair more Big Bud dominant than the last one I did (818 Headband x Grand Daddy Purple; same details as above, only put under a 600 watt HPS about halfway through flower):


Somewhere along the line the first one lost most of the over ripe papaya smell but I got a ball of scissor hash off it big as a grasshopper's head I'll post pics and weights when I jar this mess up not of the ball of scissor hash though I done smoked it up :bigblush:
Another grow comes to an end :)
This 818 Headband x Grand Daddy Purple pheno has a pretty decent high. Smells like the old postage stamps that you had to lick tasted. I got more weed than I did from the second plant. I didn't save a clone though; it figures. Total weight - 1.35 oz.:


This is the second pheno. I got .85 oz. from it and it's got a good high. Almost the same smell but a bit sweet:


Frosty too:


I'm revegging that one; you'll be seeing it in my odds and ends journal :)
Thanks everybody this one's done! :thumb:

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