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86 cities confirmed for MMM in May 2004. Million Marijuana March

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MMM 2004. Confirmed cities for weekend of May 1st worldwide.
Million Marijuana March. Global March for Cannabis
Liberation. Rallies, marches, concerts, and raves. Worldwide
since 1999. 1st Saturday in May, or anytime that weekend.
Worldwide (since 1999). May 1, 2004. May 3 2003. May 4 2002.
May 5, 2001. May 6, 2000. May 1, 1999.

Please distribute this widely. The main column is in
60-character wide, narrow-column format for email.

86 MMM cities worldwide confirmed so far for May 2004!
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236 MMM cities marched, rallied, partied and danced in early
May 2003! This page has been moved. and

Confirmed city list. Email list and public archive:
Yahoo! Groups

The 86 cities list below is taken from the last part of this
Nov. 30 2003 Dana Beal message:
Yahoo! Groups

A confirmation form link and confirmation email address
follow the city list below. Along with more MMM links.

- ---------------

Albany: Terry Phelan 518-436-7098

Albuquerque: Cindy Giannini Cin_L_@hotmail.com (505) 880-
0666 Between 500 and 1000 participants in '02, no arrests

Ashland: "Amber Leiter" <amleiter@ashland-city.k12.oh.us>
1528 Township Road 1153, Ashland, Ohio 44805. 419-289-8810

Asheville: 828-254-4062 Mary Jane
dazed_n_confused420@hotmail.com PO Box 1661, Asheville, NC
Org email: lilpunkbabe420@yahoo.com We had close to 5,000
people come out and smoke up with us.

Auckland: Albert Park. ph 09 302 52555 auckland@norml.org.nz
www.norml.org.nz Chris Fowlie, NORML New Zealand, PO Box
3307, Shortland Street, Auckland, NZ

Berlin: Martin Muencheberg <martin@hanflobby.de> 0049-30-
29490201 or e-mail: info@hanfparade.de , tel: +49 (0)30 24
72 02 33, fax: +49 (0)30 24 72 02 34
Hanfparade - Demonstration für die Legalisierung von Cannabis

Boone: Joshua Nathan Simmons <js28918@appstate.edu> 114
trivette's dr., boone, nc 28607

Bratislava: hromi@kyberia.sk main :: Something smarter than us is going to emerge 00420 776 126
587 Daniel Hromada, Haanova 44. Bratislava 851 04, Slovak

Buenos Aires: daihatsu missminipimer@mefis.to www.mefis.to
or miss olga summers olgasummers@mefis.to www.ligalais.com
ARDA (011) 15 40289847 RADDUD (011) 46357820 Nos juntaremos
el 4 de mayo, 16 hs., a fumar uno en el planetario buenos

Buffalo: Philip L Beavers jr./B.A.C.H <BLocman420@aol.com>
600-700 people over the course of the day in '02; all 3
networks; no police problems

Burlington: Hardy Macia hardy@vtnorml.org 802-372-9512

Capetown: "greggoodwin" <greggoodwin@mweb.co.za> or "Marcus
\(Home\)" <mt3825@freemail.absa.co.za> 082 674 2299 100
people, mostly Rasta's, in '02.

Christchurch: Blair Anderson <blair@technologist.com> Mild
Green Media Centre ph: ++64 3 389-4065 025 2657219 Website
pages.quicksilver.net.nz/blair Newsforum
news://http://www.reddfish.co.nz/alcp see
HugeDomains.com - MildGreens.com is for sale (Mild Greens) no arrests. police present
but ignored. (you can see police cars in the background of
some photos) 100's of joints thrown to the crowd. 100's of
Cannabiscuits distributed. The bongs and chillums and hot
knives were visible.. (see photo's) about 300 people over
about 4 hours. Street march... "prohibition free zone
declared". briefly mentioned on local news.

Cincinnati: the Happy Hemptress <hemptress@hemprock.com>

Cleveland: John <OCannabisSociety@aol.com> (216)521-9333
http://ohiocannbis.org 2,000 participants. No arrests.

Columbia: Henry Koch hkochii@aol.com or Malece Howard
benegezzeret@aol.com 803-413-8144 1300 Langford Rd
Blythewood, SC 29016

Dallas: Paula Matson 817-299-8447

Darwin: mick lambe pariahnt@yahoo.com or napnt.org - This website is for sale! - napnt Resources and Information.
napp biggpond <napnt@bigpond.net.au> We are continually
harassed by Police -- I'll forward this on to NAP as PARIAH
are concentrating on other issues right now.

Dayton: Sterling Albury 937-685-9148

Des Moines: iowanorml@mchsi.com (515) 288-5798
http://commonlink.com/~olsen/ , mojo.calyx.net/~olsen/,
index.html ; or Terry Mitchell (515) 789-4442; 608 Dallas
St., Dexter, Iowa 50070. 300 marchers, police friendly.

Detroit: "Professor Hemp" <newagecitizen@aol.com> 313-563-
3192 or Dimitri 313-506-5724;
<Yahoo Small Business - Cheap Domains, Web Hosting, Website Builder, Ecommerce Solutions>
www.geocities.com/legalizemichigan/detroit.htm Noon-5:00pm
Grand Circus Park at Woodward & Adams. Two bands, speakers
and "Shattered Lives" display. Ibogaine press conference at
2:30pm Sidewalk march at 4:20pm along Woodward

Dover: "Richard J. Schimelfenig" <rschimel@temple.edu>
Delaware Cannabis Society, 63 Lawson Ave. Claymont, DE 19703
(302) 793-0716 299 demonstrators, 8,000 spectators, cops
watched and did nothing in '02.

Dublin: "Butler, Philip" <phillty2@yahoo.com> +353 1 4163707
or <jday@iamwasted.com>
group//ie-cannabis/ 1,000 people in "02.

Dunedin: The Octagon. dunedin@norml.org.nz

Eugene: Kris Millegan <Hempsters@aol.com> 800-556-2012
http://www.ctrl.org/mmm 600-800 folks in '02. One arrest.
Kris Millegan P.O. Box 577, Walterville, OR 97489

Fairbanks: "Melissa M. Hart" <melissahartless@yahoo.com>
Postal: 775 Gradelle St, Apt. E, Fairbanks, AK 99709

Fayetteville, Arkansas; Rev. Tom Brown,
revtombrown@hotmail.com (479) 251-1780; First Church of the
Magi, P.O.Box 2827, 72702; or Rev. Nancy Harris,
nharris@uark.edu ; Sacred Truth Mission at (479) 582-4138

Ft. Lauderdale: Chris Kenoyer 954-938-7231 Florida Chapter
AAMC America Alliance For Medical Cannabis
http://www.onlinepot.org The Complete Guide To Medical
Marijuana Fort Laudedale/broward county email:
floridaaamc@yahoo.com More Secure Emails at
onlinepot2@ziplip.com - Or Normal Emails

Halifax: 902 865-8606 Michael Patriquin <mpat@accesswave.ca>
HempWorks, 93 Orchard Dr, Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia B4E

Hearst: 1-705-362-8402 <fdrlxmt@ntl.sympatico.ca > Robert
Neron, Box: 1346 Hearst , Ontario P0L 1N0

Helsinki : Finnish Cannabis Association http://www.sky.org
sky@sky.org Finnish Cannabis Association, Sorvaajankatu 9 A,
00810 Helsinki, Finland 600 - 1000 people in '03, at least
in the park. In the evening happening there were lots of
bands but only some 300 people because of another happening
for younger audience w. similar themes. Because there were
demonstrations in 4 cities (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu)
in Finland, news coverage was good.TV 1 showed Helsinki
demonstration in the main news cast 8.30 PM.

Hilo: Roger Christie <pakaloha@gte.net> (808) 961-0488
http://www.thc-ministry.org 200 in '02.

Houston: Dean Farrell houstonnorml.org or
info@houstonnorml.org (281)752-9198.
c/o Dean Becker, 11215 Oak Spring, Houston, TX
77043 Total attendance was about 5 hundred in '02. Narc
infiltrators mar event.

Hull: Carl Wagner phone: +44 01482494789 5 Victoria Square,
Ella Street, Hull HU5 3AL, U.K. A poor march in Hull, UK
this year, but we had 1500 smokeybears in the park.

Kansas City: <mohemp@hotmail.com> http://www.mohemp.org
David 816-678-7447, 'its a beautiful day' 3918 broadway,
kansas city mo. 64111... 816 931 6169.

Lansing: Kathy Kennedy 517-628-3915 or e-mail: "kathy
kennedy" <prohibitionx@hotmail.com>
Certified ASL interpreters

Las Vegas: Stoner Club c/o Kimberly B. greatquests@yahoo.com
http://www.stonerclub.com Please contact me for ideas and
more information. We are in the planning stages at this time

Leon: (Mexico) alejandro garcia growleon@hotmail.com

Levin: Kimberly Reserve. levin@norml.org.nz

Mexico City: +5300 5774 email: helmcke@prodigy.net.mx or
volgn@hotmail.com or"Tato" foigras2002@yahoo.com.br
"Camello" cosmocamello@vivecondrogas.com "Asoc. Mexicana de
Estudios Sobre el Cannabis" <amecamexico@hotmail.com>
Leopoldo Rivera Rivera/Asociaci=DBn Mexicana de Estudios sobre
el Cannabis, Amapola # 35, col. Jardines del Molinito,
Naucalpan, Estado de M=C8xico. CP. 53530 MEXICO or Adolfo
Prieto 1003, Col. del Valle, C.P. 03100, Mexico, D.F. or
Samuel Mart=EDnez Ram=EDrez Av. Azcapotzalco #193-4 Col.
Claver=EDa Mexico D.F. www.vivecondrogas.com,
www.amecamexico.org, www.hemp.com.mx Almost 300 people in

Minneapolis: Grassroots Party or Chris Wright <TCW@genesis-
computer.com> 612-522-5374. 400 folks, no arrests in '02.

Missoula: John Masterson, Montana NORML 406 542-8696 March
starts at noon at Jacob's Island. ALong Clark Fork River,
across Higgins Street Bridge and to the Court House.
Gathering with drummers, fire dancers, music, free hemp
treats, and bartering until 4:19- Spirited speakers and a
moment of silence for those who are victims of the drug war.

Montpelier: Rama Schneider <vtmmm@ramabahama.net> (802) 433-
5441 address: 1614 Gilbert Road, Williamstown, VT 05679
http://www.ramabahama.net Several people handed out
literature in '02.

Napier: Marine Parade. hawkesbay@norml.org.nz

Nashville: "Howie & Marivuana Leinoff" <torml@weedmail.com>
or marivuana@comcast.net (615)ACT-HIGH.
http://www.marivuana.com http://www.punkenstein.com 150
marchers, no arrests; first tv coverage in '02.

Newark: "Richard J. Schimelfenig" <rschimel@temple.edu>
Delaware Cannabis Society, 63 Lawson Ave. Claymont, DE 19703
(302) 793-0716

New Orleans : Daisy 504-957-HERB hemp.rox.com

New York City: Dana 212-677-7180 <dana@cures-not-wars.org>
7,000 participants in '02. 148 arrests.

Nimbin: Max Stone of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform
Movement" aclrm@nimbinaustralia.com ph: 61 0266 891842
http://www.bigbongburgerbar.com/webshow/ 24,000 participants
in '02. No arrests.

Ogden: Happy Gorder happy04202003@yahoo.com 801-603-4720
1065 Wall Ave (85A), Ogden, UT 84404

Omaha: Paul Tripp, omahanorml.com, paultrip@cox.net
(402)598-6180 12216 Poppleton Plz. #238, Omaha, NE, 68144
Over 30 participants in '02.

Orlando: Anthony Lorenzo 407-687-1622 or1-888-210-0425 toll
free pager

Paducah: Cher Ford-McCullough
Postal: 65 Cabin Lane, Gilbertsvile, Ky. 42044 or Brian
kymmm2003@webtv.net (270) 362-8186 50 marchers, 90 at rally,
one undercover in '02.

Paris: FARId GHEHIOUECHE farid@no-log.org 00 33 (0)6 148 156
79 ; 5, rue de Tombouctou 75018 PARIS or CAM-RD 9, passage
Dagorno 75020 PARIS. Since 2001, PARIS is part of the Global
march for Cannabis liberation by gathering all french
cannabis legalizers in Bastille place, May 1st at 2:00 PM.
Everyone and every groups are welcome to organize their
local events in order to increase the pressure for cannabis
liberation around the world.

Parkersburg: "Cindy Wimer" <indianbud@wirefire.com>
"Mountaineers for Medical Marijuana" 304-428-1726

Philadelphia: "chuck palmer" <chuckp@CritPath.Org> 610-279-
6358 100 participants, no arrests in '02.

Phoenix: 602-200-9461 Conscience Credence Cannabis Committee
POB 86112, Phoenix, AZ 85080-6112 donovan criss
doncriss@yahoo.com 602-486-6145 1635 w. grovers av.
phoenix,az 85023 or rex 602-618-4521 2222 w beardsly rd
#1119 phoenix,az 85027 Rally @ Encanto park

Prague: Michael "xChaos" Polak <mmmteam@legalizace.cz> Tel:
+420 603 872631 / +420 2 33358050 http://www.legalizace.cz
MMM 2003 was the smoothest,most "mainstream" legalization
event.... 2000 people, almost zero interest from police...
MMM looks more and more like regular festival, rather than
political rally. However media coverage was good/neutral,
and as usual, it seems politicians are more likely to talk
about legalization after MMM attracts media. We publicly
announced the list of 8 people imprisoned for cannabis only
out of 10 million. But Vaclav Havel is no longer president;
Havel used right to give amnesty to prisoners to virtually
veto some laws, including cannabis possession.

Portland: 2004 MMM Organizing Committee, c/o Oregon NORML,
PO Box 16057, Portland, Or 97292 503.239.6110 Madeline
Martinez: yerbanena@hotmail.com Steven M. Cooper:

Raleigh-Durham: Bryan T. Moore <btm42@hotmail.com> 124 S.
Applewood Ct., Rocky Mount NC 27803 phone (919) 247-2644 or
Chris Harris (919)368-5913 or "Jeff Badalucco"
<nc_ca@hotmail.com> 919-247-2644 238 124 S. Applewood Ct.,
Rocky Mount NC 27803 Raleigh NC MMM will be held at the
Capitol Building from 4-9pm on Saturday May 3rd.

Rapid City: Bob Newland <newland@rapidcity.com> 605-255-4032
website: http://www.sodaknorml.org/ 300 marchers in '02.

Richmond: "Roy B. Scherer" <rscherer@richmond.infi.net>
(804)355-7612 onelovedesignz@aol.com or S.L. Barker (RCHO)
onelovedesignz@aol.com Monroe Park

Roanoke: "Marty" <no1zever@cox.net> 540-776-4201

Rosario: +54 - 341-4201291 or +54 - 341- 4642699 E-mail:
raddud@hotmail.com Corrientes 1307, 2000 - Rosario-
ARGENTINA Nearly 400 participants in '02.

Salt Lake City: Dr. Ken Larsen (801) 533-8658 <
kencan@xmission.com > 856 E. 100 South (#2), Salt Lake City,
UT 84102 or Ben Valdez 801-304-0303 hempower@aros.net http:/
www.utahmmj.org 300 noisy marchers, no arrests.

San Diego: Donna Lee (619) 223-1050
cannabiswoman2002@yahoo.com http://www.cannabisfreedom.org
Approximately 50-75 attendees. NO POLICE! NO PROBLEMS!

San Francisco: Hemp Evolution/Clark Sullivan
http://hempevolution.org (415) 724-5081 "freeman sullivan"
webmaster@hempevolution.org 4,000 participants in '02, no

San Juan: Alejandro "Zen" Otero hempwierdzenie@yahoo.com
postal: 425 carr. 693 PMB 130 Dorado PR 00646-4802 Tel# 787-
345-9036 Also: www.Earthdance.org

San Marcos: Joe Ptak: 512.754.0264 Email: kindradio@go.com
Postal: 505 Patricia, San Marcos, TX; 78666

Springfield: Joe Setzer (417) 877-6832
<theosopher420@yahoo.com>137 Hackberry Lane, Seymour, MO
65746 The march will begin on the Springfield Square at 4:20
sharp, and will take approximately 1 hour (allowing time for

Spokane: Darren McCrea 509-998-3405 rcannabisclub.org 4807
N. Adams, Spokane, WA 99205

St. Louis: 314-567-8522 gstlnorml@yahoo.com or St. Louis
Area NORML , PO Box 220243, St. Louis, MO 63122.
http://www.gstlnorml.org 600 marched to the Arch for
cannabis reform.

Sturgeon Falls: Bro Michael Ethier 705 753-4756
maryhuanamike@hotmail.com ..c/o Tarzan's Mission of the
Sacred Herb,171 Queen Street, Sturgeon Falls, Ontario,
Canada P2B 2G2

Tampa: revolutionary_stoner@yahoo.com or Kelly 813-389-8941
Over 100 participants in '02.

Tel Aviv: Boaz Wachtel -- wachtel@shani.net Tel:972-54-
573679 http://www.ale-yarok.org.il PO Box 2983, Even Yehuda,
40500 Israel -- 4,000 participants in '02.

Tokyo: Takao Bakuya (Cannabist) info@cannabist.org +81-3-
3706-6885 http://www.cannabist.org 1,200 participants in

Toronto: Larry Duprey (416)540-7829 fax(416)242-2635 or
Toronto Area Association / Marijuana Party of Canada, 132
Dundas St. East, Toronto, On M5B 1E2 (416)367-3459 3-6,000
participants in '02. http://www.canadiancannabisawards.ca

Traverse City: Melody Karr <fiddlefoot420@hotmail.com>
(231)885-2993 PO Box 524 Mesick, MI 49668. or 10954 Birch
Road Mesick MI 49668. 70 marchers, hundreds of spectators in

Tucson: mary mackenzie <mmackenzie2@juno.com> (520)323-2947
or 3400 east speedway, #118, tucson, arizona 85716 Over 200
participants in '02.

Tupelo: Contact: Anita T. Mayfield Phone # 662-963-0775, E-
mail: <nita@NitaT.com>nita@NitaT.com

Upper Lake, Ca.: Linda & Eddy Lepp"linda senti"
<lisenti@home.com> 707-275-8879 Several hundred showed up,
140 new patients signed up. in "03.

Vancouver: David Malmo-Levine, <dagreenmachine@excite.com>
BC Marijuana Party Bookstore and Internet Broadcasting
Center, 307 West Hastings Tel. 604 682-1172
http://www.cannabisculture.com 2,000 marchers in '02.

Washington, D.C.: Toni Keane <MMM_DCA@hotmail.com>

Wellington: Frank Kitts Park. wellington@norml.org.nz

Wichita: Debby Moore, CEOHemp Industries of Kansas 2742 E.
2nd Wichita, Kansas, 67214 (316) 681 1743
debby@hempforus.com; or c.a. riley, Kansas NORML
316.685.7869 ksnorml@ksnorml.org http://www.ksnorml.org Last
year about thrity people met and marched through downtown
Wichita. I will plan a cookout with speakers, but will
certainly discourage any smoking of the herb cannabis.

Wilmington: "Richard J. Schimelfenig" <rschimel@temple.edu>
Delaware Cannabis Society, 63 Lawson Ave. Claymont, DE 19703
(302) 793-0716

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Confirm your city so you can get on the MMM posters and MMM
web pages!

Please confirm yearly by sending contact info (especially
updated email addresses and web page URL links) for your
city to Dana Beal at dana@cures-not-wars.org

Or use the contact forms online at

To be safe please use both methods. And resubmit, if
necessary, after checking the details on the latest
confirmed MMM 2004 cities list here:
http://www.angelfire.com/rnb/y/mmm2004.htm and

The cities were counted by doing a paragraph count via the
text statistics command in the tools menu of the
freeware/shareware NoteTab. http://www.notetab.com

The MMM 2004 city lists here are taken from the bottom of
the Dana Beal MMM emails found in the MMM World Yahoo Group.

For much more info see the main MMM CannabisAction Yahoo
Group and its public archive.

*MMM links. Million Marijuana March. Global Cannabis Action.
Annual rallies and marches the weekend of the first Saturday
in May. 236 cities rallied in 2003. Worldwide since 1999.
Cannabis Liberation Day. Many LINKS. Alphabetical city
contact lists, event navigators, mailing lists and archives,
flyers and posters, rally report compilations, search
shortcuts, media coverage, MMM history, etc..
http://www.geocities.com/tents444/mmmlinks.htm and
http://corporatism.tripod.com/mmmlinks.htm and

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MMM. Million Marijuana March. 236+ cities globally.
Pro-capitalist, anti-corporatist, anti-drug-war tyranny!
4.7% of Texas adults in jail, prison, probation, or parole!
Republicrat USA: Nearly half a million people are behind bars
for non-violent drug law violations. More than Western Europe,
with a larger population, incarcerates for everything! Please forward.