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88 California Shops Have Licenses To Sell Retail Marijuana

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Anticipation is high – if Southern Californians can find a place to buy pot when it becomes legal for recreational use on January 1.

As of Sunday afternoon, officials had issued 88 licenses statewide for adult use marijuana retailers, according to Alex Traverso, a spokesman for the state's Bureau of Cannabis Control.

420 Central in Santa Ana is one of them. Managing partner Jeff Holcombe says his team has been preparing for this day for months.

"We've added five terminals into our show room – our purchase room. We've added six people to our staff. We're expecting to double our sales, opening up to the adult-use market. We've had to learn a bunch about the taxes," Holcombe told KPCC.

Consumers can expect to pay a 15 percent state tax on their items. You'll need to bring a government issued picture ID and be at least 21 years old.

Those rules may only be temporary. That's because the state ran out of time to take comments from the public after voters approved the legalization of recreational weed.

Traverso expects several comment hearings to be scheduled across the state starting in mid- to late-February.

"So they can say, 'Hey this doesn't work. Your hours of operation are too restrictive for retail.' Things like that. And then we have to respond to those comments in writing," he told KPCC.

The state is aiming to have updated regulations in place by May 1.

Traverso says the Bureau of Cannabis Control will continue working through the weekend to process as many licenses as possible and will even issue licenses on New Year's Day.

In the meantime, Holcombe has some advice for first-time recreational users: Start slow.

"We always encourage our customers to delve lightly into products of marijuana because they are extra strong these days," Holcombe said. "And we tell them to start off with little bits and feel their way though, especially if they're a novice at THC."

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