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8ball kush and K.O kush cfl ligths first grow


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Wats up every one i got 8 ball kush and. Ko kush froom seeds the females i alreadu germintaded paper towl method
Already got them in foxfarm happy frog soil the already sprouted out i got them under 4 26 watts 1600 lumes each 6500k and 1 23 watts also same lumes 5500k and asmall fan not sure of area spacy its in my closet
Now this is my first grow i trued one befor but ended up dieing so count this as first cheak it out feel free to point out anything or commeit

I have one Q is how far to keep my ligths way i notice the 8ball started to go in difrent derction when the ligth was to close like it wants to fall down and the k.o is growing really slow or is it just me
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