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9 Or 10 Trainwreck Autos: First Time, Topped, Soilless


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Shaaazaaam!!!! :thumb: that sounds like a dream come true. I haven't read your whole journal, as I sometimes start on one, then it branches out to many others..lol and they all blend together at some point.

Did you lst? I'd be stoked if I could get that much from my 12 plants. Early miss & NYCd autos from cks. Good day to you.
Im sure you will, CKS has good genitics. Ive been in the store before, good people. I didnt lst at all as it was my first rip.. Topped them and let em ride.. Im. Lst'ing this round though and i can see it giving a much more even canopy..

9 Or 10 CKS Trainwreck Autos - First Time - Topped - Soilless


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Awesome pics! I loved the fact you used a lighter for size reference! Unfortunately some of us aren't too educated in metrics. For me, my weakness lies in centimetres and kilogrammes as well as kilometres. But Oz, mm, no problem!
Why, why and WHY America still relies on imperial methods, I'll never understand. Metrics is the way to go for our young generation. Thankfully I heavily rely on Oz and mm for several things. But cm, km, kilogrammes still challenges this brain of my mind. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ such is life!

Heres a couple more pics with a lighter for size reference.. As i said b4, very good smoke... Just wondering if anyone has any advice on getting denser buds.. Mabe its just the strain, or mabe im missing something... Any recommendations??

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It sooooo simple bro, thats why its the future for the us, and adoptes everywhere else..
10mm=1cm, 100cm=1meter, 1000m=1kilometer.. You just add a 0 to the lower measurements when you want to move up.. 10,100,1000... Even tempetures are easier... 0 degress is freezing temp of water, 100 is boiling water.. They really dumbed it down.. But i get it, as an electrician in canada we use inches, feet and awg(american wire gauge) on the job site, yet when we go to school everything is metric.. Wtf...

9 Or 10 CKS Trainwreck Autos - First Time - Topped - Soilless


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Great read!!

I'm gonna awesome there are supposed to be pictures with this journal? If so there aren't coming up on my phone. I have a decent phone Moto 5plus.
Not just this journal I noticed some other journal I've read where I believed there should be a pictureture from what was typed in the journal entry

any ideas anyone?
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