9 weeks of flower - Any indication when to harvest?


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Hello everyone!

I been working on 2 more plants since August. They are Autoflower strains

Some details:

Strain: King Tut Autoflower (Sativa dominant hybrid)
Flowering: 8 weeks from seed (according to seedbank)
LED Light/Tent grow setup
Soil Medium

I am on week 9 of flower about to hit week 10 tomorrow.

Trichome Status: Sugar leaves are coated in amber
Buds: Very little amber, 90%+ cloudy 10% clear give or take a little

As I said it was reported as an 8 week strain, although this is never usually accurate.

I have not seen a whole lot of movement over the past week during week 8, no buds have fattened up or anything.

Perhaps this is as big as she will get, or may she will swell...I have no idea

Attached are a couple quick shots I got of the plant to see if there is any advice on when I should expect to harvest.



Any input would be great! She stinks and she is sticky and there are no white hairs really visible anymore
Looks pretty nice..she does look ready

According to my wife its ready..cause every time I open the tent to water she stinks the house out top to bottom, never had a plant do that on me before.

The thing that gets me is the sugar leaves are coated in amber. They were NOT a week ago. The buds are all cloudy, and some amber. I was reading with Sativa strains the amber may not even show its maturity and when it does it may be too late as it already degraded quality.

She does look ready but I dont want to be that guy who harvests early or too late and regret it. So here I am :tokin:
May I suggest chopping sooner than later? A lot of member start flush at the sign of the first amber tric. I'm not sure what effect your going for, but I'd say it's time
I never even started flushing yet because I was holding off thinking she is just not ready, was gonna flush for 2 weeks starting this week but if its ready or close to that now I will only do more damage than good if I prolong her for 2 more weeks.

Reason I never started flushing is because I was only seeing amber on the leaves and not buds. I see what you mean about people jumping on the first sight of amber, I can say I have done that in the past during my learning how to grow.

I guess where I never flushed IF i do harvest in the next day or two I can do a dry trim and leave the leaves on the plant during the drying phase to slow it down and get that chlorophyll out of her system? Maybe a good approach...maybe a garbage approach

Will have to start planning the harvest sooner than later I guess. Thank you guys!
So took the suggestions of chopping sooner than later.

Here is the results of the harvest from a pot size that is 1 US Quart in size




They look dense but a day into drying she is starting to lose up a little. Hoping to have some dense buds or at least good smoke at the end of the dry/cure
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