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90 Watt Micro Grow - Lessons learned 3rd grow


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This is an abbreviated journal on a recent effort. I grow for my own needs and go through about an ounce month. I know I can dial in my cab to give me that. I need height control and temps can be bugger in small spaces. Total time from seed to cloudy/amber trichs....79 days

I have a couple closet grows under my belt, and since got rid of the house and bought a large RV. Stays parked 90% of time, so built a micro cab into the interior with a 15x24x36 bathroom cabinet from Lowes, stained it and popped a top on on it, drilled some holes for 4"in/out fans/filter, 90 watt chinese UFO and drop downreplacement leds for flower, GO Box nutes full line, 1/4-1/2 dose, extra fan to circulate air, 1.5 gallon buckets from HD with drilled holes and smart pots inserted. One little .75 gallon girl that was died and came back to life, lol.. Strains are Think Different, Polar Express and Star Ryder. Temps stayed 65-83 deg, generally 76, humidity variable to inside conditions. FFOF 80/20 perilte, and 2 girls were tied down, other mostly not, was behind anyway.

At day 40, I realized the Lesson 2 below, as things were going bad and couldnt figure it out. Flushed like each pot with 3 gallons of RO and started over on feeding and things picked up better.

Thats the general gist.

Lesson 1- if you use a second pot with a smart pot, drill more holes skip..I liked the split roots and stable pot to move around more than I should have.

Lesson 2- TEST YOUR WATER PPM especially if you have a well..attached is pic of 260+w multipler of 10..that would be 2600 ppm...I pulled local well test report from nearest town 3 miles away and it matched almost dead on, and it listed 900 ppm of SALT! No joke, I bubbled my little heart out only to pour near poison water on them...no wonder nothing in pots grows well around the house...starts ok, then salt builds up and all stops

Lesson 3- buy quality LED, and don't get wierd not spots all over the place

Yield--44 gr of decent dried top colas from three plants about 12 inches tall, and quite a bit of good trim for butter, as I only wanted best of what I had to smoke. All in all, not bad for my first micro grow that is VERY different from my closet grows that pulled in over 2 ounces of dense HPS bud per plant. I expect an oz+ each from this next run.

Good News-I have a 100watt Hans Panel on the way for a new Promix/Perilite 50/50 w/ hydrotron layered bottom, 2 girls...I have 4 beans starting out, an Auto Extreme, Northern Lights, Think Different and Polar Express, going to grow out the strongest 2 of the four after 21 days. I want those two get full light in the little space I'll post pics of the cabinet redo and new grow journal using all AN Connoisseur base and hobbyist bundle. After reading around, it seemed like one of easier plug and play options.

thanks for looking!

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