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9squaremeters with 4x 1000wled, help flowering problems important


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Hi, I need help ,

I use 9 squaremeters with 100plants, using 4x 1000w led grow

Now currently in flowering time 12 / 12, the situation look very bad compare to regular 1000w hps

What to do to get the most result with this 4x 1000w led grow full spectrum ?

ADDING HPS LIGHTS ? how many I have to add ? 1x 1000w hps should be ok in center of the piece?
I have too some plants with little burn in leaf, what to do, need expert tips please
thank a lot


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You're not giving us a lot of information. 9 square meters is ~ 97 square feet. Depending on the quality and coverage of the panels that should be enough, but there are so many factors you are leaving out. What type of panels do you have? What is the spectra and ratios of those panels? What is the actual power draw on the panels? What issues are you having with flowering? What are the growing conditions?

The more information you can give us the better we can help you.

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Hi, the room is about 12' x 12' ~ 144 quare feet

with 4x 1000W LED Grow Light 3W full spectrum

this model exactly :

100 plants PPP in the room, in land promix
No nutriments added now

The problems is that plants are now in 12/12 starting flowering, so some leaf are burn, Lights are about 4feets to the plants

What is the best optimal solution to get big results?
Nutriments? more water? adding 1000w HPW in the room? how many to add ?

thank you help me please
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You might want to read some of the information in this link - 420 Magazine ®

Then when you suspect you think you know what the problem is ?

You can make a post/reply in this subsection of the forums - Problems, Pests & Disease Control or here Frequently Asked Questions

Mmm LED panel looks of a questionable quality !

Ye its not the light source causing the problem its some else... ye, go do some home work with the first link provided :thumb:

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Those panels are at best 600 watts. Hook one up to a kill-a-watt get an accurate reading. Secondly, with those lights 4 foot away from the plants they are not getting nearly enough light. When using 3 watt diodes without lenses, you want the panel a max of 24 inches from the plant. You will want 10 (or more) of those panels to cover the area properly.

I have a feeling you're in over your head trying to grow 100 plants in a 12 x 12 area. Read over the link in my signature, and the two that fuzzy gave you. They will go a long way in saving some of the plants you are getting ready to lose.


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Yes , I have so many things to know properly, so what you think now in this situation, adding real 1000w hps will be a lot better, thats what I'm thinking, ?
thank you for your help , I start reading now


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Thank you for your help

Fuzzy, In your experience, what first you think the problem can be? now flowering, some plants look good and other bad with little leaf burning ...

Want to maximize the yields :S
thank a lot I continue reading

Anybody can help me please, I'm about to change all the 4 lights LED for 4x 1000w hps


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Here's my opinion.

First, you have too many plants - that's not all bad - you can keep the best. Each plant should use about 0.25 sqm. That's 36 plants for your room. You can only get so much from a square meter. Fewer plants will yield just as much weed with better quality in the same space.

Second, you should have about 400-500 watts of light per sqm. Your LEDs are actually 550 watts each, so you now have about 2200 watts = 2.5 watts per sqm. You need at least 2000 watts more. I'd keep the LEDs and add 4 - 1000 watt hps and hang the LEDs next to the hps.

I don't think your leaf burn is from your lighting. As Fuzzy said, it's probably from something in the soil.

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Fuzzy, In your experience, what first you think the problem can be? now flowering, some plants look good and other bad with little leaf burning ...

Not sure about burn symptoms more likely just a nutrient def as its reasonable common problem in early to mid flowering, a pic would help :thumb:

Reason why...

No nutriments added now

In your second reply to the thread, you mention the above.

To me that read, i've not used any nutrients yet !

So i feel that a def is occurring causing funny looking leafs due to lack off feeding of plant food.

Can not suggest much on yield as their are so many variables which effect this factor & it can be a rather individual learning curve which time/experience will show results...
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