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I awoke this morning with the sun in my eyes
and felt the warm breeze blow through the window.
Ahhh, what a perfect morning to "wake & bake" and I reached for my
bong, goddammit where did it go?
Like a car without gas, I have a bag of grass, and no way to make it
glow. I sat up on the bed, and scratching my head....I couldnt believe
I misplaced it!
I remember last night, I was high as hell, had an idea then forgot it,
oh well,what the hell did I do with that shit?
I remember being in a happy place, but then had a vision of a man with
a funny face, maybe he took my bong?:bong:
I wanted to be in a daze..So I rolled up some "J's":joint: :joint:
my mind still a haze from last night
Now, I NEEDED a light....things just were'nt going right.
I wanted a hit..and I thought to myself why is it all going so wrong?
Is someone trying to telling me something, telling me I should quit?
Pondered the thought, then looked and my 'J' and still wanted it lit.
They tell you to eat some fruit or go for a jog, and all that shit they
Say is right, well I'm jogging around the fucking house looking for a light. And NO fucking lighter in sight. I wanted to taste that sweet Maryjane, damnit this shit is driving me insane!! Just at that moment I looked outside :60: -HOLY SHIT!! I almost died, there was a dragon standing by the trees under the leaves...I seen him blow a firey flame, what a shame I didnt see him sooner.. had been looking all morning, and there he was, this couldn't get any cooler.
So I snuck around on my knees over to the trees, hoping to not be seen.
Had to find a way to light my "J', but damn that fucker looks mean.
And guess what I seen, my bong in his hand!!
He was leaning on the tree then he looked down at me, told me to get up
and stand, and he said HAND me that "J" with a sly smirk on his face.
With one swift jerk he grabbed my "J"..I said very loudly DONT STEAL MY POT, i'll get you high if you want..
The dragon replied: you see I'm having some trouble, I cant seem to
make this bong bubble. He gave me back my bong, I held it to my lips.
He yelled "FiRe In ThE HoLe"
and lit my hit!!
~thinking to myself ~ is this one of my wierd "trips"
ahhhh...I was getting stoned to my soul
puff, puff, pass...we were smokin' the funny grass!!
My first pot smokin dragon buddy, how long would this last?
Well apparently not too long, on his next hit, he burnt up my bong,
thought maybe me and the dragon would become good friends, but he
fucked up my shit, it was all about to end.
So I'm thinking fuck this dragon, fuck all this shit, what does it
mean? Awe!! Glorious day, it was all just a dream.
It was then that I opened my eyes, and it didn't take long to realize
I'd had fallen back to sleep.
This was great because, I looked across the room, and there it was, my
bong, my lighter, and my bag of green that wasn't cheap.
Just another trip trough my mind, I never know what I'll find, it what
gets me through another day....
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