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A Brief History of Chief Kevin P. Gleason - Sex Charges & More!

Should Kevin P. Gleason be Fired as Police Chief Based on his Character?

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High Troops,

I have had a lot to say about Chief Kevin P. Gleason, the "brains" behind the SWAT like raid on my family home while I was in the hospital in ICU back in 2003.

Let's see what Peter Frei and FEDERAL COURT PAPERS have to say about Holland Mass.'s favorite law enforcement officer.

Here are excerps and links from The Holland Blog - Speak out Holland!.

"Only in Holland, and only under Earl Johnson's watch! Where ever I turn, I stumble over the most unbelievable stuff! A while back I heard the rumor that Holland Police Chief Kevin Gleason was forced to resign from the Southbridge Police Force as he was arrested by one of his peers after he rolled over the car he was driving while under the influence of liquor. Hard to believe you would say, right? I decided to make a detour to the Dudley District Court and either conform the rumor of Gleason's arrest for OUI (Operating while Under the Influence of liquor), or lay it to rest once and for all.
I would not be honest if I would claim having been surprised; it was true! The criminal matter is filed under the docket number 9964CR003873 at the Dudley District Court. Interested readers click http://www.01521.com/doc/Gleason_OUI.pdf
to view and read the court documents. (Please Kevin, don't threaten me again with your lawyer and try to coerce me into removing this document from my web-page. The document is part of the public record, and the residents of Holland have the right to know!)

Kevin Gleason and Earl Johnson were also the center of a lawsuit filed by one of a former peer of Gleason, Stacy Quinones. Stacy Quinones was a part time police officer when she decided to challenge incumbent Earl Johnson for the seat on the Board of Selectmen. Johnson allegedly threatened Quinones she would loose here job if she would run against him. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court, District for Massachusetts as Stacey Quinones v. Town of Holland Police Department, Chief Kevin Gleason, Ray Morehouse and Earl Johnson.
http://www.01521.com/fed/05-cv-30135-MAP.pdf here's the link to the Federal Case.
Stacy Quinones settled out of Court, the Town of Holland did not want to risk going to trial. The details of the settlement are not available to the public. According to the chairman of the board of selectmen, it was a "business decision!" What I heard was, that after the plaintiff's attorney deposed defendant Earl Johnson, the town's attorney had no longer an interest to go to trial. Earl Johnson got his way, the taxpayer picked up the tab, Stacy Quinones did not run for office, instead, she got a substantial monetary settlement which she deserved, and moved out of town.

...and there's more...

Police Chief of Holland, Kevin Gleason, allegedly terrorized two families that lived in Holland.
The incident is consistent with a pattern that evolves around Gleason´s conduct. Allegations are so outrages that I urge the readers to see for themselves. Gleason orchestrated a raid against two innocent families, the victims now filed a so called "section 1983" suit for damages in the United States District Court. The case was filed as " David Bunn et al., v. Chief Kevin Gleason, et al., case no. 3:06cv420(JBA). "
How much longer are the residents of Holland willing to tolerate Gleason and accept the liability he creates? Kevin, how much more is there we don't know? Why does the town´s Board of Selectmen feel comfortable with an individual like Kevin Gleason as our chief of police?? How many more "business decisions" can the Board of Selectmen make in form of "out of court settlements, put under a gag order" before our town will loose its liability insurance policy? How high is the Board of Selectmen willing to let the premium go the residents have to pay for? Does the Board feel that our chief of police is an adequate "role model" for our community?? "

'nuff said, to read the SWORN DEPOSITIONS/LIES (yes-perjury by cops) Of Chief Kevin P. Gleason and Agent Scott Haley, check captainjoint.com to see how they lied to SET ME UP and SHUT ME UP about MEDICAL MARIJUANA.

Agent Scott Haley and my case aside... HOW can the TOWN OF HOLLAND continue to ALLOW this CLOWN GLEASON to wear a BADGE???

Captain Joint
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