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A Chance To Blast Congress Again. New Subject For Faxing.


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Some feds are using US taxpayer funds to travel around to circumvent State's rights regarding medical cannabis by lobbying State leaders. Help stop the practice, please.

Drug Policy Alliance Action Center

Thank you!

I had a problem sending my fax. Below is a soloution.

Don't forget to add a polite PS. The PS's get more attention as they are not part of the form letter.

If you have a problem sending the fax, see below.

I did & this is DPA's response:

Dear medMUser,

We're in the process of migrating to a new action toolset, which will be ready in September; these problems will be fixed once we migrate. In the meantime, here is a temporary solution that another subscriber has been using:

"When I initially enter my zip+4 it says, it's not valid. However, if
I enter my zip first, let it ask for my full zip code and then enter the +4
it works and finds my reps."

I hope that it works for you as it did for him!

We're sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.


Stephanie Meredith
Website Assistant
Drug Policy Alliance

-----Original Message-----
From: medMUser
Sent: Wed 7/18/2007 3:28 PM
To: DPA Webmaster
Subject: My zip code

My zip code has always allowed me to contact Why did it fail here?

Thank you!
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