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A couple more Questions


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I was wondering if anyone has bought the ''Ultimate Grow Kit'' from NirvanaShop.com,Cause ofcourse this is my first grow and im just wondering if i bought this (Ultimate Grow Kit) what else would i need to start my first grow? So for example say i bought the Ultimate Grow Kit today what else should i put on my list to buy so i can start my first grow? like flower pots,soil ECT..And what brands do you recommend?

P.S-Im just looking to start off on the right track.So im sorry once again if im breaking sometype of rule by posting this, if i am please do not ban me just send me a message or something warning me (if thats the case it wont happen again)And yes i have been reading people's grow journals so im pretty much on the right track but just need some more advice.Thanks in advance :Namaste: :peace:


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there are so many things you need to know FIRST... i've been growing on and off for 30 years, and when i found this i learned alot.. 420 Magazine ®

good luck to ya..........


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Ok...I've ordered from them a couple of times. One order included the "Ultimate Grow Kit"....the ordered items arrived fine, via mail. The "Kit" was shipped separate by Fed X, not by mail, and was intercepted and confiscated by customs. I got a box, it had been opened, taped closed. Inside was from letter letting me know that in was against the law to ship "agricultural" items (I had read where this happens).

I didn't want the kit, it was an extra they threw in, and you would do better by reading the posts here on this site, all you need to know and avoid a scare....
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